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Inherit the Viper

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Начало обсуждения по ссылке : Джош Хартнетт в криминальном триллере Inherit the Viper

Inherit the Viper

год         2018
страна США
слоган -
режиссер Anthony Jerjen
сценарий Эндрю Крэбтри
продюсер Мишель Меркт, Бенито Мюллер, Вольфганг Мюллер, ...
оператор Nicholas Wiesnet
композитор -
художник Трэйси Дишман, Prissy Lee, Эмили Батсон, ...
жанр         криминал
время -

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К актерам фильма присоединился Чендлер Риггз.

Chandler Riggs Joins the Cast of the Film ‘Inherit the Viper’

The Walking Dead‘s Chandler Riggs has quite a lot on his plate lately.  In addition to starring in the hit AMC series as Carl Grimes, Riggs is beginning to expand his horizons by taking on other artistic projects.

In addition to announcing the release of his first original song, Riggs also announced his involvement in a new film production.  Riggs has signed on as a part of the upcoming film Inherit the Viper.  He joins an already stellar cast line up including Josh Hartnett (Penny Dreadful), Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight), Margarita Levieva (The Deuce), Owen Teague (Bloodline), Dash Mihok (Ray Donavan), and Valarie Curry (American Pastoral).

When Riggs announced his involvement with the film, he certainly stirred up some fright amongst The Walking Dead fans.  He did so by posting a photo of himself on Twitter sporting a new, mullet-like haircut which started worry fans since his long locks have become a trademark of Carl Grimes.  Riggs was quick to warn his followers that the new style was just for the movie:
nherit the Viper is the directorial debut for Anthony Jerjen and is based on a screenplay by Andrew Crabtree.  The film will be set in West Virginia and, according to Deadline, “follows siblings Kip (Hartnett), Josie (Levieva), and Boots (Teague) as they fight to escape the spiral of violence that has held them captive since their father’s passing. In these regions left behind by the economy, selling drugs has become their way of survival. A business that is hard to quit – at least not alive.”

Inherit the Viper is currently in production, however, a release date has not yet been announced for the film.



И ещё одно фото со съемочной площадки фильма:
Josh hartnett and director Anthony jerjen on set



Новое фото со съемочной площадки фильма
margosha777“The Conleys”.
Couldn’t have dreamed of better partners and teammates. Thank you for being my brothers, for this wild ride, for going along with my crazy ideas and for showing up. #inherittheviperfilm #itsawrap 🎬#owenteague #joshhartnett #family


This film is gonna be fire! Starring #joshhartnett and #chandlerriggs from #twd #StayTuned #ComingToATheatreNearYou #actorslife

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