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Пьяная история 3-й сезон / Drunk History season 3

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1 сентября состоялась премьера третьего сезона сериала "Пьяная история". Открываю тему.

Пьяная история (сериал 2013 – ...)

Drunk History

год 2013- ... (3 сезона)

страна США

режиссер Джереми Коннер, Дерек Уотерс

сценарий Джереми Коннер, Дерек Уотерс

продюсер Оуэн Бурк, Джейсон Д. Келлер, Джереми Коннер, ...

оператор Блейк МакКлюр, Люк Гейссбухлер, Шоун Ким

композитор Дэн Гросс

художник Рэйчел Робб Кондрат, Эрик Дж. Арчер, Кристина Монгини, ...

монтаж Нил Махони, Николас Монсур, Чарльз Брайнер, ...

жанр комедия, история

в ролях    Дерек Уотерс
               Бенни Артур
               Мария Бласуччи
               Крэйг Каковски
               Джереми Дж. Татсон
               Тимберли Шанель
               Тим Балц
               Морт Бурк
               Майкл Коулмэн
               Сара Бёрнс
               Джош Хартнетт
               и другие
О сериале на imdb

Начало о "Пьяной истории" по Ссылке  :flag:


Here's 5 things Derek Waters has learned from hosting 'Drunk History'
"Drunk History" host Derek Waters plays C.S. Forester in an upcoming episode about spies.

Over the life of "Drunk History," its host, director, and executive producer Derek Waters has sat through nearly 100 boozy narrations. Each one looks hilarious and fun on television, but are naturally filled with challenges while taping.

"I’ve figured out certain techniques," Waters told Business Insider. "If you’ve ever hung out with someone that drinks, you know that emotions can happen, attitudes can happen."

"Drunk History" returns on Tuesday for its third year on Comedy Central (five years overall if you count its Funny Or Die run). Each episode features three stories told by inebriated narrators and reenacted by performers. And, yes, the answer to the most-asked question about "Drunk History" is the narrators are really drunk.

The show is so fun to watch that a who's who of Hollywood's A-List have appeared on the series, including Jack Black, Connie Britton, Michael Cera, Courteney Cox, Laura Dern, John Lithgow, Jason Ritter, Winona Ryder, Kristen Wiig, Luke Wilson, and Owen Wilson.

"We’re trying to make a history show, not a comedy show," Waters said. "And it just so happens that comedy comes out of the way we’re trying to tell the history."

But when BI points out the combination of the drunk narrators, the over-the-top costumes, and stylized reenactments, Waters admits, "OK, we're definitely going for comedy, too."

One narration session can take between four and six hours to shoot. And with the inherent hiccups that can occur, Waters has come up with some best practices when it comes to shooting the sessions.

1. Bring on people Waters has already tossed a few back with, so he knows what to expect.
"I’m very cautious of that," he said. "Most of the people on the show I drink with, so I know how they’re going to be. If I know someone who is really funny but has a problem, I don’t approach them. I just don’t mess with that."

2. Narrators are asked not to drink before the crew arrives.
"So you don’t get too drunk," Waters said. "I’m not trying to be like, ‘Look how drunk they are!’ I’m trying to tell history in a new way and not just because they’re, say, upside down talking."
Josh Hartnett as Clark Gable for the upcoming "Miami" episode of "Drunk History."

3. No one likes to drink alone.
"I share a drink with them to get them comfortable," the director said.

4. Everyone has their limit.
"There’s several stages of drunk," he explained. "and you have to make sure you’re not on the last one."

5. There's always another job for lightweights.
"I don’t want people to get sick," Waters said. "I don’t want people to fall. I also don’t want them to tell a regular story. They have to be a little slurred and a little messed up or we should just watch the history channel. So, no one is drinking for the first time. But if someone is like, ‘Yeah, I don’t drink that much, but I love the show.’ Then, ok, maybe they can be in the reenactment."

So, yes, the show can be more complicated than it looks on TV. And as it embarks on its third season, there's some proof that people are taking notice of the hard work. This year, it earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series.

"It feels like this little thing I did for fun, but the more I grew with it, the more I wanted to say I have a chance to say something right now," Waters said of the nom. "What do I want to say? Maybe, I can tell stories that teach people stuff. So, to have the Academy recognize that it's not just a comedy show, it's something new and different, I just take it as a really sweet compliment."

The third season of "Drunk History" debuts Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.



Эпизод с Джошем Хартнеттом, изображающим Кларка Гейбла покажут в следующий вторник.
Называется серия- "Майями".
Кадром из предстоящей серии можем любоваться уже сегодня!


Новые подробности о съемках серий) и об утреннем похмелье тоже)))

Filming ‘Drunk History’ really is a drinking fest, but hopefully an educational one
LOS ANGELES — A third season of the highly unlikely, oddly lovable “Drunk History,” in which drunks tell stories from American history, begins this week on Comedy Central. Like a man slipping on a banana peel, its humorous mechanism is easily grasped once seen, but the effects are surprisingly complex and sophisticated.

The idea is simple, though words tend to fail it: A person, typically a comedian or comic writer, versed in a historical event, drinks to a point of serious inebriation and then tells the story; an edited recording of that performance becomes the soundtrack — both the narration and dialogue — for a full-on, costumed, lip-synced re-enactment. Three of these are packaged thematically into a half-hour to make an episode.

Derek Waters is the series’ creator and host — its alcoholic-spirit guide, if you will — and also a director and a member of its stock company, which is supplemented regularly by well-known names from comedy and beyond. The upcoming season includes appearances by Greg Kinnear, Parker Posey, Giancarlo Esposito, Michael McKean, and Henry Winkler. Sam Rockwell will play Bugsy Siegel opposite Dennis Quaid’s Lucky Luciano. Will Ferrell will play writer Roald Dahl, when he worked as a spy. Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer will play Harriet Tubman, when she did.

“People are always like, ‘Who’s the hardest person to work with?'” Waters tells the LA Times recently in his unprepossessing office downtown, in an hour stolen from post-production on a neighboring floor; a sign on his door read “I Have Seen Better Days.”

“No one,” he says, “because a hard person to work with would never say yes to this; it’s a whole day and no money.”

The idea was born one night in 2007, when after a few drinks, the actor Jake Johnson told Waters an unlikely story about the singer Otis Redding, “and I was just picturing Otis Redding having to come back to life, moving his lips to Jake’s words but looking at me and shaking his head; I don’t do drugs, so it wasn’t anything but having a weird imagination.”

That moment of inspiration eventually produced the first “Drunk History” short, made to show at the Upright Citizens Brigade, with Johnson as Aaron Burr and Michael Cera as Alexander Hamilton. Mark Gagliardi, who had been at Second City with Waters, provided the narration; Jeremy Konner, who still directs most episodes, ran the camera; and Waters “held the laptop to hit the audio over and over again” while the actors perfected their miming. (Konner will himself be a drunken narrator this season, for a segment on the California Aqueduct, with Tenacious D partners Jack Black and Kyle Gass as William Mulholland, who built it, and Frederick Eaton, who had the idea.)

The short was posted online, and in due course, under the flag of Funny or Die, became a web series, which became a TV series. And here we are, at the dawn of Season 3, which will be the longest season yet, with 13 episodes — that means 39 stories to tell, and 39 nights on the tiles.

At first glance and maybe a few subsequent glances as well, there is something about the whole enterprise that feels less than benign, as when a pledge is forced to drink to excess to join a fraternity, where he may then drink to excess of his own free will.

The aim of the show, Waters says, is neither to make fun of drunks nor to mock history; if anything, it is tender to the drunks and respectful of the history, which it wants to make new, and, in its potted way, real. Likewise, the point of the drinking is not so much that it adds mayhem — it does add a little mayhem — as that it strips artifice from the telling and lets emotion and enthusiasm in.

Waters uses comedians and comedy writers as his narrators, “not for the obvious reason of their being funny but because they understand a beginning, middle and end to a story.” And because it’s all filtered through a 2015 (altered) consciousness, it feels especially direct and contemporary — bringing history alive! — in a way that high-priced, highly detailed Hollywood period blockbusters often fail to do.

Waters is also the person the narrator narrates to, and, though he is usually a few drinks behind the speaker, he follows them dutifully into inebriation, one or two sheets to the wind, to their three.

“It sounds like a bad idea, says my doctor. But it allows them to be free and comfortable, like, ‘Hey, we’re doing this together.’ And especially when it’s someone who hasn’t done it before, if they’re struggling with the story, or they’re not drunk and they’re just telling a story and it’s boring, then I have to be like, ‘Let’s do a shot together.’ It’s a lot easier for that to go well than ‘You should get more drunk.’ ‘Wait, I’m not doing it right?’ I’m just going, ‘Let’s have another drink.’ But that’s why I won’t be able to do the show forever; because as cool as history is, I want to live.”

Certainly there are viewers who will find this a questionable, even an irresponsible, even an immoral sort of comedy. But it plays as curiously innocent.

Says Waters: “I think the secret is that I’m not trying to make a comedy show; I’m trying to make a history show, but because of how I’m doing it, people will laugh, and not from, ‘Oh, it was so funny, they were so drunk.’ I would hate it if someone were like, ‘That show’s great, they get so messed up.’ I hope that’s not what you take away from it.”

In fact, you take history away from it.

“That is the secret goal,” Waters says. “I want them to make the audience feel a little dumb. You don’t see it coming, this person’s in an altered state, I’m laughing at them, oooooh — they just told me something.”

Indeed, the stories are told with such confidence, even apart from the Dutch courage and over the hurdles of encroaching incoherence, that viewers might think each narrator must be independently expert in his or her subject. But they learn on the job, receiving a “research packet,” with a rough beginning, middle, end of the story, which they learn and retell sober to a “Drunk History” producer.

Waters stays out of the way at this point, he says, because “I want it to be real, when they talk to me it’s the first time I’m hearing it from them. And nothing makes a drunk person happier than when you say ‘no’ when they ask you, ‘Have you heard this story?'”

A session can last six hours to produce a six-minute soundtrack. There are breaks for food and sometimes for oxygen.

“The first hour and a half, two hours I just let them get all the jokes out, knowing none of it will be used; but it helps them, now they’re comfortable. Now let’s tell the story again, and let’s tell the story again, just keep going to get to the point where you’re not trying to be funny, you’re now trying to tell history in the condition that you’re in.”

What about the morning after?

“The next day is all apology emails,” Waters says. “Like, ‘I’m sorry I got drunk for your show.’ ‘That’s what you’re supposed to do.’ ‘I didn’t tell the story.’ ‘No, you did tell the story or we would still be filming, I promise.’ But there’s never been anyone telling me, ‘Never do that to me again.’ So I’m proud of that.”

“Drunk History” Season 3 premieres Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.



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Премьера первого эпизода сериала "Пьяная история-3" состоялась!
Вчера, на канале Comedy Central состоялась премьера первого эпизода 3-го сезона сериала "Пьяная история". Эпизод с Джошем Хартнеттом, изображающим Кларка Гейбла покажут в следующий вторник, серия называется- "Майями".
Кадром из предстоящей серии можем любоваться уже сегодня!
Создатель сериала "Пьяная История" Дерек Уолтерс очень гордится тем, что ему удалось привлечь в третий сезон Джоша Хартнетта, который появится во второй серии под названием "Майами" в роли голливудской суперзвезды Кларка Гейбла. “Он был моим первым и единственным выбором. Он и Джейсон Момоа, в них обоих есть это: настоящий облик суперзвезды. К сожалению сейчас очень мало актеров, которые действительно выглядят как кинозвезды. Но Джош и Джейсон - у них есть этот стиль."


Интересно будет посмотреть!


Sana написал(а):

Интересно будет посмотреть!

Будем во вторник в режиме поиска))) как только на канале покажут, будем ждать в сети.


"Пьяная история" 1 серия 3-го сезона онлайн
Не поняла, серии такие коротенькие?  или это только одна часть из нескольких?
Там же краткий релиз второй серии:

    Actor Clark Gable joins the Air Force during World War II, Ponce de Leon quarrels with Diego Columbus, and Griselda Blanco takes over the cocaine trade in Miami. Featuring Josh Hartnett, Maya Rudolph, David Koechner and Johnny Knoxville.


По Ссылка, вписав лишь свое имя и любимый алкогольный напиток вы можете узнать имя героя, о котором вы могли бы рассказать в "Пьяной истории")))!

А это наш с valerie выбор)))


Ждем нашу серию!!!

А пока еще статья:
Here's Your First Look at Drunk History's Miami Episode

Comedy Central's Drunk History — a show that's the perfect marriage between education and inebriation — returns for its third season tonight at 10:30 pm. This episode finds itself in Miami, where Ponce de Leon searches for the New World, Griselda Blanco (AKA "The Black Widow") takes command of the Magic City's once-sizable cocaine trade, and screen legend Clark Gable joins the Army Air Corps during World War II.

Drunk History's Miami episode looks particularly funny as Johnny Knoxville plays Ponce de Leon and the always-hysterical Maya Rudolph takes on the role of Griselda Blanco. Less promising is Josh Hartnett as Clark Gable, but while Hartnett may not have the comic chops of Rudolph or physical commitment of Knoxville, he definitely has the look. If the preview is any indication, a Tuesday night spent in front of the TV set with some drunk PhDs waxing poetic about the 305 sounds like a good bet:
Ссылка+ Видео
And though there's certainly no need to be drunk while recounting Miami's weird and wonderful history (it's really intoxicating on its own), it certainly can't hurt. Assuming we're not mired in a history hangover, we'll have a recap for you Wednesday.

Drunk History airs on Comedy Central Tuesday, September 8, at 10:30 p.m.


счастливчики уже посмотрели серию, мы же можем пока почитать твитты и ждем, что серия появится на торрентах!

Lmao! Omg "I have this eyebrows and this mustache" #JoshHartnett I love it!

This is amazing. #JoshHartnett is mouthing Greg's words @Jcowbow He's finally made it. Ha #DrunkHistory #IveSpilledSoMuchBourbonOnThisChair

@ComedyCentral @drunkhistory So fun to see #JoshHartnett do a send up a movie star! Who knew he could be so camp and funny?

@vanessaives666 @Rayyleighd More funny shit from #JoshHartnett please, #DrunkHistory #PennyDreadful

Josh Hartnett crushed it. Who would have made a better Clark Gable? Exactly Clark Gable..that's it. #DrunkHistory
SuperHappyNerdTime ‏@SuperHappyNerd 5 мин.5 минут назад

Josh Hartnett played a fantastic Clark Gable on #DrunkHistory tonight. Wish he did more comedy

И фото)
Speaking of bad titles...I title this picture, "Pearl Harbor Jam"


Clark Gable goes to war in Drunk History!



Там только 2,5 минуты - это явно не полная серия? Или я что-то не то смотрю?((


Я тоже не поняла, почему ж там так мало?



В тот момент в сети было только это видео, превью эпизода. Потом уже на торрентах появилась полная версия, теперь можно посмотреть у нас на канале vimeo
и здесь)

Вторая серия "Пьяной истории-3" состоит из трех эпизодов, наш, "Майами", идет первым.


Людмила, спасибо за ссылку!


Спасибо) Посмотрела, насмеялась))) Вся серия заслуживает внимания. Я после этого скачала весь 1й сезон и пару серий глянула уже. Иногда там гости такие пьяные, что рассказывают историю в обнимку с ведерком))) ползают по полу, падают со стульев - жесть)))

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