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Первая серия заинтриговала! Хочется продолжения! И мне реально страшно от некоторых сцен, я трусиха еще та и ужасы вообще не смотрю никогда, но из-за Джоша рискнула! Не жалею)


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Hollywood star Josh Hartnett goes gothic for 'Penny Dreadful', Sky Atlantic's horror series set in Victorian London. It's a welcome change, he tells Gerard Gilbert

If some modern-day Victor Frankenstein – presumably a geneticist – were to resurrect Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley and sit them down in a screening room, what would these 19th-century authors make of what film and television have done with their legacy – especially the promiscuous, so-called monster mash-ups that began with the Universal movies of the 1940s and that nowadays see vampires interact with werewolves, ghosts, Frankenstein's creature and even Jack the Ripper?

They might be amused by Universal's Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, or the Sixties TV sitcom The Munsters, but there's a good chance that Stoker and Shelley would actually be intrigued by Sky Atlantic's Penny Dreadful, with its seeming understanding of the gothic imagination and ambitions that surpass the cheap thrills promised by its title. Written by John Logan, whose screenplays include Gladiator, The Aviator and Skyfall, and produced by Skyfall director Sam Mendes, the new eight-part drama combines vampires, Frankenstein, Ripper-lore and Egyptian mummies, and somehow also manages to squeeze Dorian Gray into the mix.

Starring Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green and Rory Kinnear (as Frankenstein's monster), on the evidence of the opening episode the show might just break out of the limitations of its genre. As Game of Thrones has attracted non-fantasy fans, so might Penny Dreadful entice viewers prone to yawning in the face of bared fangs.

It was certainly enough to attract erstwhile Hollywood young gun Hartnett back to television for the first time in 15 years. Hartnett plays one Ethan Chandler, a mysterious American touring in his own Buffalo Bill-style Wild West show when he is recruited by Dalton's African explorer to find his missing daughter. "The thing about working in TV is that you must have collaborators you really trust, who are going to see the thing through and have a lot at stake in its outcome," he says. "John Logan's reputation as a writer is fantastic… and Sam and John worked on Skyfall. God, there's a lot of Bond in this, isn't there? Tim was Bond, Eva was a Bond girl…"

Hartnett was an 18-year-old unknown when he was cast in the American TV remake of Cracker. He made his cinematic debut as Jamie Lee Curtis's son in Halloween H20: 20 Years and impressed as Kirsten Dunst's boyfriend in Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides, while his good looks and natural athleticism then lent themselves to action blockbusters such as Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down as well as romcoms like (and most people did not like) 40 Days and 40 Nights. A succession of film-star girlfriends, most prominently Scarlett Johansson (he supposedly currently dates British actress Tamsin Egerton), didn't exactly hurt his heartthrob profile either. But still only in his early twenties, Hartnett was beginning to chafe.

"I turned my back on specific types of movie," he says. "Quite naively I started going off and doing smaller independent films that I thought were worthy of exploration. Basically, I took a lot of major bets and some of them were successful but more often than not they didn't achieve the audience that I hoped."

He reckons that the bets that did come off include the crime thriller Lucky Number Slevin, the dotcom drama August, which Hartnett also produced, and the leftfield martial arts film Bunraku. Hartnett however gradually came to understand the value of the A-list profile he had blithely abandoned. "I've always wanted to write and direct and that has to do with your clout in the acting world and not with your having worked with avant-garde French-Vietnamese directors," he says referring to his role in I Come with the Rain, the 2009 neo-noir by director Tran Anh Hung.

"I was young and I was naive to the monetary elements of the game in Los Angeles and Hollywood – that you need to keep a box-office profile in order to get good scripts coming your way." And then there were the films like Singularity, which Hartnett made in 2011 and didn't know had been released until a friend said he had seen it recently on Netflix. "It can be very difficult… the way that distribution works."

TV drama, with its mushrooming galaxy of talented writers and showrunners, and vast online fan forums, is where the thespian-challenging action is now, as Hartnett (like so many of his Hollywood peers) has come to realise. "And television is part of national dialogue," he says. "People are speaking about it week after week after week whereas even a huge film has an audience for four weeks – that's half the run of our show and we've got a very short run."

Penny Dreadful was filmed in and around Dublin, a homecoming of sorts for the Catholic American Minnesota-born actor whose father is half-Irish. "And my stepmother's entirely Irish, so it was a pretty Irish household growing up," he says. Dublin's intact Georgian and Victorian squares and terraces stood in for the long-gone streets of London's 1890s East End. "Dublin can be dangerous," he replies to the question of whether the cast enjoyed the craic. "You have to be home by a certain hour so you can get up and perform."

He'd like to make a second series, not least because Ethan Chandler is something of a mystery. "The thing about my character is that he's a slow burn," says Hartnett. "You don't learn much about him for the first few episodes. That's brave… you're not allowed to do that in film."

Penny Dreadful promises to be a lot more complex and unusual than the other horror fare clogging the multiplexes and TV box-sets in recent years. And there's a scene at the end of the first episode that must surely be the most haunting re-enactment of the Frankenstein-awakes scene since James Whale was in his pomp. "It's an odd world for audiences to be a part of… with more chaos than you expect from something in this genre," says Hartnett. "But the people who are running this show are aiming very high with their artistic ambitions."

'Penny Dreadful' begins on Tuesday 20 May on Sky Atlantic



Showtime Ramps Up Penny Dreadful Advertising With Creepy Interactive Window Display That Follows Passersby
While Showtime has made the first episode of Penny Dreadful available online already, they certainly aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to promoting its May 11th premiere, as evidenced by the elaborately interactive displays they’ve placed in New York and Los Angeles for the next two weeks.

The windows depict an intersection in Victorian London that’s filled with artificially intelligent characters who interact with the people passing by. Typically this consists of shadowy ladies and gentleman walking around, bowing, and introducing themselves to their more corporeal counterparts on the street.
They do get a bit confused when you just stand there, however. Which makes sense, because how are they supposed to creepily walk behind you and fill you with an inexorable sense of foreboding and dread if you’re not actually going anywhere?

But as dreadful as they are, the shadowing silhouettes don’t hold a candle to the other eerie surprises that the gaming engine used to power the display’s AI occasionally throws into the mix. True to the spirit of gothic horror, you can also catch a glimpse of horse-drawn carriages, bats, lightning, rain, and spiders, and wolves if you stick around and watch for long enough.

The creative team behind the display tells us that the system projects up to 20 characters at once, depending on the type of foot traffic they’re getting. When someone interrupts the line of one of the displays depth-measuring LiDAR lasers (which are also used on radar guns and physical feature mapping tools), it triggers a reaction from the AI.

Considering the amount of work and effort it takes to do this sort of thing, you’d expect the hardware on the other side of the display to be pretty powerful. And you’d be right — stepping back “behind the curtain” feels like entering into a completely different genre fiction environment, but with computer technology instead of tarot cards.
Above, the “Live Vinyl” (LED panels backlighting printed vinyl) and LiDAR lasers that bring the display to life. Below, a computer screen depicting what’s currently going on outside on the display.
If you want to go check out the displays for yourself (and we recommend doing it at night for extra creepiness), one can be found in Manhattan on 21st St and Broadway, and the other in LA at the Roosevelt Hotel, 7024 Hollywood Blvd. You have until May 18th, which is coincidentally when the second episode of Penny Dreadful airs — and oh boy, is it a doozy, guys. You’re going to want to be parked in front of the television that night.

As a bonus, we also got a chance to check out the Penny Dreadful Collection, a republishing of the classic works of literature that inspired the show – The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and Dracula by Bram Stoker. Though all of the books in the collection are public domain and easily obtainable by other means, this is a pretty gorgeous set of books if you’ve been looking for a new set of hardcovers. Aside from the collection’s name (which benefits from also being a common phrase that ties in nicely with the literary theme), there’s no explicit references or mentions of the show, which is refreshing. They could have gone the common movie adaptation route and plastered the promotional images of the actors playing each character onto these books, and instead they went with some very nice minimalist covers instead.

The books won’t start shipping until September, however, if the Showtime online store is accurate. But we recommend you start reading them anyway somewhere else, because you’re going to want to be up on your gothic knowledge when May 11th rolls around — you know, like maybe the maiden names of all the women in Dracula, for example. Just a suggestion.



Отзыв, присутствуют спойлеры!

Review: Eva Green Owns 'Penny Dreadful,' a Horror Series For the Dramatically Inclined
As the line between film and TV continues to disappear, more and more filmmakers are turning to the more accessible consumer medium to tell stories. Lucky for them, networks are easing the transition with shorter seasons (that also lure major stars). Enter John Logan, Sam Mendes, and the first season of the effectively chilling eight-episode horror series, "Penny Dreadful," a tale told with such cinematic grandeur its meticulousness alone would entrance any film fan even if the judiciously rationed scares and tasteful gore somehow did not.

As noted in Indiewire's review of the premiere episode from SXSW, the premise of the show rang first as a procedural, especially considering the source material of the title. Penny Dreadfuls, Penny Awfuls, or Penny Bloods were basically Victorian era comic books filled with frightful tales of fancy. It would have been easy (and rather boring) to create a TV show with a central character who faced new monsters, demons, and spirits every week, making Logan's decision to do the exact opposite -- delivering a consequence-filled central plot line -- all the more appealing through two episodes. It's not that Logan and Mendes, the writer-director team behind "Skyfall" as well as their Oscar-winning endeavors "Gladiator" and "American Beauty," respectively, have simply made a lengthy film -- that would imply they've abandoned the much-needed conceits of television like cliffhangers (they've got doozies) and multiple story lines (cleverly, not forcibly intertwined).
No, they've crafted (or at least started to craft) a vision unique to its medium with only one writer (a very filmic quality) and four directors. The tale they tell is specific and focused with grand sets, elegant art direction, and a constant tone of pragmatic unease. Rather remarkably, the team has struck the delicate balance between stylized fantasy and grounded realism, creating a world simultaneously inhabitable by monsters and flesh and blood human beings. Production comparisons are bound to be made between "Penny Dreadful" and "True Detective," and they won't stop there: John Logan's horror show is damn good television, and while not as groundbreaking in philosophical scope, it has at least one landmark scene already.

But more on that in a moment. First, let's introduce Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett), a traveling entertainer who can shoot the lights out of a monastery from the bell tower two blocks down. He's using his talents mainly to pick up women, an easy and thoughtless task for the charming boozehound, before Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) scouts him for an assignment of great danger. Without any promise other than a hefty payday, Ives signs Chandler to her three-person hunting party. What are they hunting? While many of you may already know thanks to Showtime's hefty promotional push, including releasing the premiere episode online for all to see, the secrets in "Penny Dreadful" are plentiful and half the fun of watching. There will be no spoilers here, only advice: if you haven't read the character list online or learned of Sir Malcolm's (Timothy Dalton) heart-breaking scheme, don't. All is revealed, and done so with a particularly enticing flair.
Many secrets are exposed in the first two episodes -- including a kicker to close out the second episode rivaling any to air this year -- but one character remains in the shadows, her mysteries hidden in the deep blacks of "Penny Dreadful's" rich visual palette. Noted in the response to the SXSW screening was lead actress Eva Green's turn. "It's too early to praise the role all that highly, but she's certainly the one to watch." It is now no longer too late. Though two episodes may still seem a tad premature to doll out judgement for the series (though it is only eight episodes all in), it's simply not the case for Green. She has already given an award-worthy turn in under two hours time. Much like viewers knew they were in store for something special after only an hour or two with Matthew McConaughey in "True Detective," so, too, does the hair on your neck stand up as Green works her magic, in character and out.

Ives is a clairvoyant medium, a gift used by Sir Malcolm to help in his quest, but at times an uncontrollable curse for the possessor. One of these untimely scenarios occurs at a dinner party held by Ferdinand Lyle, played with hilarious vigor by Simon Russell Beale. Lyle is an expert in hieroglyphics while also an ardent socialite eager to entertain more than he is to inform. Malcolm and Vanessa attend his party in the hopes of obtaining a translation only to be roped into a parlor game where another medium tries to communicate with the dead. Seeing an opportunity to have some fun, the spirits instead take control of Vanessa, forcing her into a dialogue with herself. Two very different voices emerge from the same throat, both mocking Malcolm as he sits watching in tortured fury as his partner's body is manipulated into mocking him relentlessly in front of many confused and terrified guests.
hough the scene's content is crucial, and tells us quite a bit about Vanessa as well as Malcolm, its Green whose talents are on fully display. The way she contorts not just her body -- in gruesome, if traditional movements -- but her lips, as they spit out vile voices not her own, is positively haunting. Her eyes, too, are magnetic and unnerving. Green owns the scene with such command it's easy to forget the moment isn't entirely her own. This is Malcolm's pain we're watching, even as we're transfixed by the person causing it. The more than five-minute monologue (!) is one of the more riveting scenes on television this year, and an incredible showcase for Green, especially considering the trust involved between writer and actress when penning such a complex and lengthy speech without planning to cut away once.

Some early critics have decried the horror series for not being horrific enough. Granted, "Penny Dreadful" may seem tame when compared to the torture porn we've been forced to watch in theaters or the soapy gratuity of "American Horror Story" -- and thankfully so. Logan, Mendes, and director J.A. Bayona, who helmed the first two episodes, have made a conscious choice to scare you with the tactics of old: what you can't see is much scarier than what you can. Flashes of gore pop up from time to time as a reminder of what's facing our heroes, but it's tastefully laid out instead of affixed in front of your eyes. This is not Frankenstein's monster: this is horror for the dramatically inclined.



Новый видео-блог с Мэтью Свитом о науке

Предлагаем вашему вниманию новый видео-блог «Ужасов по Дешевке» с историком Мэтью Свитом, который поговорил о науке в сериале.

[TV] The Science of “Penny Dreadful” Video Blog (Exclusive)

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Josh Hartnett Reveals Why He Left Hollywood: Watch
Видео интервью к премьере "Страшных сказок"


The actor talks about breaking up with Hollywood for independent cinema, the importance of taking time off and why he turned down big budget movies like Superman

Josh Hartnett didn’t take the obvious career path for a Hollywood teen heartthrob, catapulted into stardom by Michael Bay, but he wants you to know: that’s okay.

“It was kind of like being in a relationship with Hollywood, and it just didn’t feel like we weren’t in the same place at the same time,” Hartnett says. “I wanted something that they didn’t want to give me. So I took a break from my relationship.”

That break included some time off to move back to his native Minnesota, starring in a string of indie films and getting involved in politics. His vanishing act prompted a flurry of publications to wonder what had happened to him. But what happened to him is that he was just trying to make independent films, he tells TIME.

“[The narrative was] either I was so disillusioned and afraid that I ran away or that I was some punk who didn’t know how good he had it,” Hartnett says. “And it’s neither of those. It was that I tried to take a different path towards achieving good film.”

In the interview above, the actor discusses openly the up and downs in his career — from the hit success of Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down to turning down big roles like Superman and eventually struggling to make his work in independent movies widely known.

But Hartnett, now 35 and starring in a new Showtime 19th century drama called Penny Dreadful, has learned his lesson.

“I’m older now, I’m wiser now,” he says. “I know that if I make one or two more films in the system, I’ll be able to go off and do these smaller films and possibly give them the release they


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Скрин с видео

Ещё одно название

Новый видео блог от создателей о сериале
   :flag: … 12435.html

“Inside Penny Dreadful”

“Inside Penny Dreadful” is an in-depth look into the creation of the highly-anticipated new SHOWTIME original series Penny Dreadful. Hear from Creator/Executive Producer John Logan and the cast about the origins, characters and themes of this provocative new series before its premiere on Sunday May 11th at 10PM ET/PT. Only on Showtime


Go Inside Penny Dreadful with Josh Hartnett

Вопросы ответы

Talk about the story line of the show. What is Penny Dreadful about?

Penny Dreadful is set in London, in 1891. It’s kind of an ensemble cast of classic horror along with new spins on classic horror characters. All living in the same place at the same time, and coming in contact in various ways.

Tell me the name of your character.

I play Ethan Chandler. He’s the only American in the core group of characters. You’re not quite sure what he’s doing, or why he’s sticking around with everybody. At the beginning, he is a sharp shooter in a Wild West show. As the series progresses he becomes more embroiled in the world of this Penny Dreadful. More things are revealed about him over the course of the season. I am sure more things will be revealed to me over the course of the season. John likes to keep things close to the vest, so I had to trust John as a writer.

Who is John?

John Logan is the writer and executive-producer-slash-creator of Penny Dreadful. I met with John about two months before we started shooting. He was telling me what he wanted the world to feel like, and what he thought was important about this show. A lot of the characters you would know from late-1800’s literature and early-to-mid-20th-century horror films.

Why do you think audiences will love the show?

People will have a connection to the characters that’s incredibly dramatic. This connection will remind them of a show that’s more in the vein of the dramas that are on TV these days, and less in the vein of genre shows. I think that this is a real chance to elevate a genre that could be easily put in the box of a horror show. It’s got a lot of scary elements and suspense, but viewers will tune in for great craftspeople doing their work.

Why did you decide to do this show?

I was drawn to the script initially because of John Logan, as well as the involvement of both Sam Mendes and Juan Bayona. The pedigree of the show is at such a high level that it was something I had to take seriously. I haven’t done TV in a long, long time. I met with David Nevins and the guys at SHOWTIME and they felt like people that I could really relate to, over a long period of time.


Интервью с Антонио Байоной

Finding The Soul Of Old Monsters In "Penny Dreadful"

Juan Antonio Bayona launched his career by directing the haunting haunted house feature The Orphanage, then let things that go bump in the dark behind--but he's reinvigorated by the horror genre with Showtime's new series Penny Dreadful.
много букафф

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Dailies | ‘Penny Dreadful’ Preview: A Divine Gift, and a Dreadful Curse (Exclusive Video)

The pains of being different

“To be different: Is that not a divine gift?” asks one of the lead characters in the latest trailer for Showtime's “Penny Dreadful.”

“Is that not a dreadful curse?” replies another.

Also read: ‘Penny Dreadful’ Review: A Lovely, Lurid Study of Life and Death

The characters in the Showtime Victorian monster drama are Dorian Grey (Reeve Carney), a libertine who seemingly doesn't age, and Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), who is looking for her own way to cheat death. They join an assembly of characters, both new and plucked from Victorian, who occupy 1891 London.

The trailer plays up the romantic elements of the show, including Grey and Ives’ first meeting. But the first episode, premiering Sunday, also has plenty of nocturnal murders and vampires, if that's more your thing.

Новый тизер к сериалу. О красоте и проклятии.   :flag:  :love:


Новое интервью с Ривом Карни, исполнителем роли Дориана Грея в сериале "Страшные сказки"  :flag:

Reeve Carney on Playing Dorian Gray in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful and Turning Off the Dark

In the spring of 2010, the band Carney had just released its first full-length album, Mr. Green Vol. 1, and its guitarist, Reeve Carney, who’d been playing guitar professionally since his teens and had played rhythm guitar in bluesman Jonny Lang's band in his early 20s, seemed on the verge of making it as a rocker. Then he put his guitar away and donned a mask and some tights.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark may have been plagued by cost overruns, injuries, and lawsuits, but for nearly its entire controversy-plagued run beginning in November 2010, Carney as Peter Parker/Spider-Man was a symbol of constancy. The rest of his band, including his brother Zane, played the music Bono and the Edge had written for the production. When Carney finally took off the Spidey suit last September, he was at a crossroads — actor or musician ... or both? Zane, who’d been a child star on Dave's World left to record a solo album and joined John Mayer's band. Reeve, while still hoping to balance his two interests, plunged into a new acting challenge, playing Dorian Gray on Showtime’s new John Logan–scripted series Penny Dreadful.

Do you mind if people still think of you as Peter Parker or Spider-Man?
I wouldn't have done it so long if I didn't love it. It's an honor to be associated with that show.

Did you walk away with any souvenirs?
I kept a few masks. But also when [stuntman] Chris Tierney got hurt in that bad fall early on they had to cut him out of his Spider-Man suit and he gave pieces of it to everyone in the cast. He gave me his right glove. That's a definite treasure.

During your superhero days, you also played Taylor Swift's love interest in her award-winning “I Knew You Were Trouble” video. How did that happen?
She told me she was a fan of Mr. Green Vol. 1 and wanted to work with me. I thought that was pretty cool. Playing that darker character also helped get me ready for the transition from Peter Parker to Dorian Gray.

When we spoke for an interview during the show's early days you said that you wanted to go back to recording afterward yet here you are acting in a TV series. Is the music stuck on the back burner?
No. I love exploring different aspects of myself, but I'd never want to replace music with acting — during Spider-Man I ended up building a recording studio in my apartment. I recorded a solo album playing all the instruments. When I went to Dublin for Penny Dreadful, I set up equipment there so I could mix the songs — one of the great things about working on your own is that if you decide you don't like something, like a piano part, you can take it out without offending anyone in the band ... The album is now close to done.

What influence did doing the show have on your album?
The show definitely helped me with my work ethic — for a musician having to show up on time every day is not the easiest thing in the world. Singing night after night in Spider-Man helped my voice mature. But also recording with Bono was a huge influence. There's only one Bono. Watching him in the studio was one of the biggest factors in my building my own studio — he'd sing into a $100 microphone and just surrender completely to the muse, to his inspiration, without worrying about the equipment. I went a bit more high-end than $100 microphones, but the idea stayed with me.

So what made you shift gears and tackle a TV show?
This script kind of came out of nowhere. My agency had sent me other scripts that I kept turning down. But I was attracted to John Logan's writing. I found it intriguing. And I always like doing something that will challenge me. This was as far as possible from what I've done in the past. The one thing that Dorian Gray and Peter Parker have in common is that they go in the direction of their fears instead of running for them — for Dorian it's because of his fascination with the unknown.

Had you read The Picture of Dorian Gray before?
No, in high school we had the choice of two books and I chose Heart of Darkness instead. So I read it before the auditions. Then John Logan said, “That's great, but don't worry about it — the book is just a stepping-stone for where Penny Dreadful will take it. We're going to do our own thing.”

Was the transition from theater to television easy? And how was shooting in Dublin?
My new work ethic definitely carried over. I spent a lot of time on the dialect and practicing my lines, because the language is beautifully dense and quite different from anything I've ever done. But TV is so different — that hurry-up-and-wait life requires a different type of focus and discipline. And often the first chance to work with the director for an episode is when you're on the set and rolling. Dublin is a beautiful place with rich history but in winter it can be dreary — it's rainy and cold —  and that  added to the feeling of isolation and loneliness that seems to be the common thread for the characters on their journey.

You were also cast, back in 2011, in the eagerly anticipated but long-delayed Jeff Buckley biopic. There seems to have been more postponements and changes in directors. Are you still attached to the project?
Yes. I feel things will happen when they're meant to [and don't] worry about it. Jeff's mom, Mary Guibert, is such a huge part of the creative process, and she understands her obligation to do this properly. Things are not quite sorted out, but I still talk to her frequently.

You've talked before about Buckley being so open and vulnerable, while you're more protective of yourself. Did the Spider-Man controversies play a part in that?
It's definitely something I've learned as result of my experience. You need different processing mechanisms to protect yourself in certain situations, even though as an artist you want to be as open and vulnerable as possible.

How did you discover Buckley's music?
When I was 16, two years after he passed away, a friend said, "You look so much like him so you should listen to his music." He did look like he could have been my older brother — and then I loved the music. For years people kept saying, "If they ever make a movie about him ..." but at that point [i] wasn't into acting.

Now that you're into acting, would you go back to the grind of touring in a rock band?
I'd love to. My brother and I have to figure out how we'd play together now that he's doing his own thing — it might have to be more of an equal partnership. Maybe my sister would collaborate, too. I also heard Jonny Lang was looking for a new guitar player and called him up. We talked about me going on tour with him this summer, but he wants something more permanent. I still might look for another opportunity like that — there's something freeing about being the side man, about not being in the spotlight, but just playing the music.



Интервью с Ривом Карни, о Дориане Грее.  :flag:
Immortal Beloved

Reeve Carney’s new picture of Dorian Gray
"Dorian is omnisexual,” says Reeve Carney, describing his alter ego on Penny Dreadful. “He is open to absolutely anything and everything.” Carney, who made his name as the lead in Broad- way’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, has gracefully emerged from that much-beleaguered production to play Dorian Gray, one of the many fictional Victorian-era characters whose stories are interwoven, with wonderful complexity, into the new Showtime series.

Penny Dreadful’s title derives from the lurid dime-store serials of 19th-century London. Hugely popular, these publications were filled with macabre tales of terror, sex, and violence — in short, anything and everything to titillate horny teens at the time. In creator John Logan’s highly charged reimagining (which also stars Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, and Timothy Dalton), several infamous horror figures, including Dr. Frankenstein and characters from Dracula, interact amid an epic subtext. The result is the ultimate battle between good and evil, victim and victor, the dark side and the light.

“The writing is what blew me away,” says Carney of the series. “At first I was reluctant, because I knew the Oscar Wilde story, and knew it would mean living up to this amazing literary character, and trying to bring him to life in a way that felt respectful of the original but modern, too. Then I read the script and there was just so much there.”

Logan, a queer writer nominated for three Oscars for his work on Gladiator, The Aviator, and Hugo, brought a richly layered take to his reworking of Wilde’s doomed antihero. In The Picture of Dorian Gray, it is Gray’s vanity that has trapped him; in Penny Dreadful, his situation affords him a kind of reckless, melancholic grace. He is utterly free and therefore has nothing left to lose.

“In John’s version, we don’t know how long he’s been this way, so we kept asking ourselves, How would you behave if your mortal body was no longer destructible?” explains Carney. “Dorian’s gone through so many extremes before we meet him, from complete debauchery to being completely alone. The key thing for me was to bring a kind of humanity to the role, to make him real and make him vulnerable.” Logan and Carney worked together to find those vulnerabilities. “I think it helped that I was scared of the role, of how completely open he had to be — the way this character is just looking for cliffs to jump off,” says Carney. “It also, at times, meant full nudity and having to act out intensely sexual situations. I had been doing theater for three years, which is so different. In theater it’s about expression; in television and films it’s about naturalism. So I had to really learn a new way of doing things.”
Carney’s experience on Broadway and his background in indie music have ultimately served him well on the show, lending Gray a certain dramatic charisma. Before his stint as Spider-Man, Carney was a full-time singer-songwriter and guitarist (his band, Carney, has opened for Arcade Fire and U2, and released an album, Mr. Green Vol. 1., on DAS Label/Interscope). As a result, Gray possesses both vulnerability and swagger. He is a Victorian rendering of a rock star, an elegant, liquid-eyed beauty, the pretty boy with the mysterious wound whom everyone wants to save, or screw, or both.

“He has that romantic sadness,” says Carney. “If you live forever, anyone you ever love will die, and there is an inherent sorrow that comes with that. And while Dorian may be eternal, there is a temporary nature to his sense of permanence, because he is the only thing that ever stays the same. Everything around him changes. It’s those struggles that I want to bring to the surface — those complicated struggles with your own emotions.”


До 1 серии 1 сезона осталось:
дней   01
часов  14
минут  18
секунд ...


Penny Dreadful: a journey into the Victorian supernatural from the writer of Bond


Кто ещё не посмотрел, тизер теперь и на


Начиная 5 мая по 18 мая Showtime воссоздает эпоху викторианского Лондона с помощью инновационных оконных дисплеев в Нью-Йорке ( 21-я Санкт- & Broadway ) и Лос-Анджелесе ( 7024 Голливудский бульвар , Roosevelt Hotel ) . Используя новаторские методы лазерной технологии LIDAR , окна будут покрыты "живым винилом", чтобы произвести виртуальную реальность, которая отражает мир нового оригинального сериала Шоутайм-"Страшные сказки".

Beginning May 5th through May 18th, Showtime is recreating Victorian London through innovative window displays in New York (21st St & Broadway) and Los Angeles (7024 Hollywood Blvd, Roosevelt Hotel). Utilizing groundbreaking LIDAR laser technology, windows will be covered with "live vinyl" (LED panels backlighting printed vinyl) to produce an immersive environment that reflects the world of the new Showtime original series Penny Dreadful.

This half-world is inhabited by characters from the series brought to life by depth-measuring lasers precise enough to capture 50 pedestrians at a time. Characters from the Victorian London period along with elements from Penny Dreadful (wolves, bats, spiders, etc.) used in the scene were created using individualized artificial intelligence allowing uniquely haunting consumer interactions throughout the two week promotion that will run 24 hours a day. For those brave enough to look, kinetoscopes surrounding the windows will invite consumers to peer through lenses to witness the characters and terrors in the world of Penny Dreadful.


За перевод спасибо valerie!
Интервью Рива Карни для DuJour

Рив Карни о том, что не дает ему спать по ночам…

Когда мы наконец увидим сериал от Showtime «Ужасы по дешевке», то некоторые его чудовища будут нам лучше знакомы, чем другие. В сериале пере плелись истории доктора Франкенштейна и его творения, вампир кого графа, а также Дориана Грея из произведения Оскара Уайльда. Все они живу в Лондоне 19 века. И конечно же, есть люди, которые на них охотятся. А именно, героиня Евы Грин — Ванесса Айвз, Малкольм Мюррей в исполнении Тимоти Далтона, и псевдоковбой Итан Чэндлер ( Джош Хартнетт).

DuJour поговорил с Ривом Карни, которому досталась роль Дориана Грея, о том, как снимался сериал, его отношении к своему герою, и чего он действительно боялся в своей работе.

Твоя роль в сериале «Ужасы по дешевке» по- настоящему что-то новое в твоем репертуаре. И каково это — перейти от исполнения роли Человека-Паука к роли Дориана Грея?

Я был занят в мюзикле Человек-Паук, в планах были несколько других проектов, но вообще-то мне было не особенно интересно. Я получал удовольствие от работы на сцене, но очень редко попадались сценарии, которые бы взволновавши меня. Но с сериалом случилось именно это — мне передали сценарий, я его прочел, и тут же начал писать стихи. А затем начали набирать актеров — и взяли меня. Над сериалом трудились такие замечательные люди, я хотел в этом участвовать.

И ты был готов заняться чем-то совершенно отличными от образа Питера Паркера (Человека- Паука)?

Те же черты, которые восхищают меня в персонаже, они же меня и больше всего пугают. Мне нравится вызов, и я понимал, что это он и есть — прыгнуть от Питера Паркера к Дориану Грею. Это совершенно разные натуры.

А тебе нравятся ужасы как жанр?

Ненавижу это признавать, но Хэлоуин всегда был моим любимым праздником. Мне всегда нравились страшные вещи, особенно фильмы.

А сниматься в чем-то страшном настолько же страшно, как и смотреть что-то страшное?

На съемках действительно было страшновато. Я жил один, в отдаленном районе Дублина, на холме. А я городской житель, для меня тишина более пугающая, чем шум. Мой дом был совершенно молчаливый, за исключением завываний ветра по ночам. Как то мы снимали очень напряженную сцену, было дублей 30, а после этого я почувствовал некую энергию, сопровождавшую меня домой. Ночью мне снились странные сны — или видения. Думаю, у всех нас были. Мы много об этом говорили — все актеры и команда — о том, как сериал влияет на наши сны.



Penny Dreadful Season 1: Episode 2 Clip - Commune with the Spirits


Penny Dreadful Season 1: Next on Episode 2


Penny Dreadful Season 1: Episode 2 Clip - Proteus


Penny Dreadful Season 1 Look Ahead


valerie написал(а):

И, кто же исполняет роль создания Франкенштейна, Рори Киннер, или ???

valerie написал(а):

это точно не Рори Киннер - появилась информация, что это Алекс Прайс.

Странно, что у него на страницах нигде не выложена эта инфа. Но похоже, что он.


Sana написал(а):

Странно, что у него на страницах нигде не выложена эта инфа. Но похоже, что он.

Имя Алекс Прайс мелькнуло в титрах к серии - я поискала - он! Но, после сегодняшнего клипа к серии - Proteus - там мы видим диалог между доктором и его созданием - они выбирают имя "новому человеку". Виктор предлагает Адам, потом говорит, что нет, это плохая идея. Дальше он берет томик Шекспира и рассказывает, что его мать всегда гадала на произведениях Шекспира, как на Библии - ткни пальцем в строку, и выберем тебе имя, как у шекспировского героя! Создание тычет - попадает в Протея! Протей, по мифологии - многоликое существо, причем, я так понимаю, с раздвоением (растроеинем и т.д.) личности - одна его часть не помнит и не осознает, что творит другая! Вот так, мне кажется, из милого монстрика появится настоящее чудовище! Может, это чудовище и будет столь долгожданным Рори Киннером??? Ну, для меня лично более долгожданный - Рив Карни!!!!! Когда уже!!!


Нравится эта публикация!
Showtime’s ‘Penny Dreadful’ ‘Night Work’ A Smash-Hit Premiere, Josh Hartnett Shines, Highlight Hollywood News
There is something about a hero in a series that doesn’t immediately volunteer to be one that makes a show interesting.  And you know what? Josh Hartnett is that guy.
  Stories from the bygone era (The Tudors, The Borgias) seem to be Showtime’s forte.  And they have really done a magnificent job on location in London to pull off the Victorian-era London, which is the setting of Showtime’s newest drama series Penny Dreadful.
Penny Dreadful’s massive and wide design makes the viewer feel like you are placed into the story, and writer/creator John Logan (Skyfall) uses it to its benefit, finding a way to make some of these very old stories feel new again.
  Penny Dreadful is mesmerizing, yet scary and horrifying and chilling.   The first and hopefully not the last season is set to run eight episodes, all written with aplomb by Logan, and directed by four directors in sets of twos.  Probably a smart move by Showtime.  Keeping it efficient and effectively consistent, something other shows seem to lack.
I love Eva Green as the mysterious and alluring medium Vanessa Ives, while I fear and admire Timothy Dalton as the brave explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, and Josh Hartnett playing a role that is sublime and mere perfection, as a nervous, insecure American who doesn’t understand what’s going on, but is willing to try to figure out the mysteries.  Yes, mysteries.  This show has more plots than “Game of Thrones.” All right, maybe not that many, but it’s done brilliantly.
Upcoming episodes will also feature other recognizable faces, but for now, those three, plus Harry Treadaway as Victor Frankenstein, and viewers will be transfixed.  The makeup work is done brilliantly.
  The monsters of the demi-monde are shocking, yet very gruesome, as Penny Dreadful wasted no time in showing us.  The show pulled it off on the first take. We are destined and excited to see what comes next.  The vampires are not modern, they are horrific the way we once read about in the original Bran Stoker’s stories and novels.  They don’t make one envy the beauty of the undead,. they are horrifying.
  The excellent premiere episode showcased the best of fear and diabolical mystery ahead. It teased but didn’t cheat us.   The special effects are eclipsed by shear genius in storytelling and in Josh Hartnett’s performance.
  I’m in!  Hope you are too, as I’m prepared for next week’s second episode on Showtime at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
  “Penny Dreadful” offers the viewer a look into our frightening past, in an era once the most dominating of all historical eras in Great Britain and throughout Europe. It brings us old monsters, but with a twist.  They are actually frightening, not over-done, but perfectly presented.



Спешите! Вторая серия!   :flag:
на английском
Жмите Download torrent  , запускайте и!!!!


Кто посмотрел вторую серию? Я сегодня ночью наслаждалась! Вторая серия ещё больше понравилась, столько неожиданных поворотов, интриги и ужасы в достаточном количестве. Много Итана/Джоша, с Броной/Билли, чудесная получилась пара, наблюдать за их взаимоотношениями- удовольствие. Рив....аааааааааааа... слов нет! Мало!!! Хочется ещё и ещё. Финал серии тоже поразил, скорее бы перевод, хочется обсудить серию с вами.   

На Твиттере Penny Dreadful сегодня продолжится чат с Ривом Карни, придумывайте вопросы)))

Вчерашний чат здесь: … fref=photo

И Джош!  :love:


valerie перевела интервью с Тимоти Далтоном,  :cool:  очень рекомендую прочитать! )

«Ужасы по дешевке»: интервью Тимоти Датлтона ресурсу Yahoo

Ужасы. «Ужасы по дешевке». Новый триллер от Showtime, в котором снимаются Джош Хартнетт, Ева Грин, Рив Карни, Билли Пайпер и бывший Джеймс Бонд Тимоти Далтон смешал классических персонажей из романов ужасов (Дориан Грей, доктор Франкенштейн и его создание) с новыми героями и рассказывает страшную историю, в стиле penny dreadful – криминального чтива викторианского Лондона, которое продавалось в те времена по пенни за экземпляр. Далтон, наиболее известный по своей роли Агента 007, играет загадочного исследователя сэра Малкольма, который оказался в странной компании во время розыска своей пропавшей дочери.

Что привлекло вас проекте «Ужасы по дешевке»?

Должен вам сказать, что все наши герои — они очень интересные, и они все — очень странные люди. Но и не только это. Блестяще написан сценарий. Великолепно выписан Джоном Логаном. Он отличный драматург. Тут нет ничего простого, ничего черного или белого – все сложно. Это похоже на бриллиант в недорогой окантовке – высокоинтеллектуальное произведение в дешевой обложке. Тут и грандиозное потрясение, и тайна, и волнение, и террор. Но всегда все очень интеллигентно. А значит, каждый найдет себе тот уровень, которым будет наслаждаться.

Ваш герой – сэр Малкольм, он не просто красиво говорит – у него была пара замечательных реплик в пилотном эпизоде — он еще и человек действия. Он один из тех, о ком мне хочется узнать побольше, после первой серии.

Знаете, я обнаружил, что обычно достаточно прочитать от 12 до 15 страниц сценария, чтобы быть в состоянии рассуждать о своем персонаже. Здесь же ты не можешь оторваться от чтения. Это наваждение, тайна. Сначала я погрузился в историю. Потом, уже, конечно же, начал раздумывать о герое: «Что я могу с этим сделать? Могу ли я его оживить? Могу ли показать то, что задумывал автор? А что, черт возьми, он имел в виду?» Ты заинтригован. Звонишь и спрашиваешь «Ладно, а что дальше? Я хочу знать, что будет дальше».

Перед началом съемок вы уже знали всю историю?

В самом начале Джон терпеть не мог рассказывать кому бы то ни было, о чем наш сериал. Я периодически с ним встречался и вытягивал историю понемногу. Это, знаете, как у змеи вырывать жало: «Что случится? Как это будет? Куда он движется?». Вы знаете, сэр Малкольм – исследователь Африки, и уже это может кое-что рассказать вам о его характере. А также есть метафора, что он – человек, который ищет исток Нила. Поиски истока любой реки – это безумие, ведь их невозможно отыскать. Это вода, и даже если ты найдешь малюсенький ручеек, то и он должен откуда-то брать свое начало. Вы постепенно почувствуете, что он великолепный манипулятор, он одержимый, решительный, абсолютно беспощадный, но он также пытается спасти свою дочь. Что за невероятное сочетание противоположностей. Это здорово, и чем больше я в это погружался, тем больше был заинтригован. И тем больше хотел понять, как оживить этот образ, сделать его настоящим и показать его.

Ну, и конечно, же, мне это очень нравилось. Роль Ванессы досталась Еве Грин – она великолепна, работать с ней – одно удовольствие, и в одной из серий она описывает Малкольма как «слабого, безнравственного, похотливого и самовлюбленного». Должно быть, в тот момент Малкольм ее просто «достал», и может это совсем не соответствует истине, но вы же знаете — во всем есть доля правды. В сериале интересные герои, очень интересные герои. Это так здорово – работать с таким богатым и полным возможностей материалом.

И вы продолжали периодически удивляться развитию линии вашего героя по мере съемок?

Когда вы читаете книгу, вы движетесь от начала до конца. Когда снимаете фильм, то обычно у вас та же ситуация. Но в сериалах все происходит немного по-другому. Лучшее, что можно получить – это сюжетную линию первого сезона, которая представит всех героев и попытается связать их интересным образом. Мне повезло. Думаю, я прочитал сценарии до пятой серии перед началом съемок, и поэтому знал, что ожидать. Но последние эпизоды сезона мы получили значительно позже.

Вы когда-нибудь сомневались в съемках в сериале?

Сомневался, сомневался. Да всю свою жизнь сомневался. Каждый сериал, в который меня приглашали… по правде говоря, мне совершенно не нравились эти идеи сериалов. Мне вообще не нравится, когда я не понимаю, что я буду делать. Мне не нравится идея не знать, насколько хорошо это все будет написано, но в случае «Penny Dreadful», Джон обещал, что весь сериал, каждую строчку напишет он лично, а это замечательно. Я уже ведь не зеленый юнец, я доживаю седьмой десяток, а это в какой-то мере ужасно, вот я и подумал: «Давай. Сделай это. Задай им жару».

Возвращаясь к сериалам, в которых вы снимались. Есть ли хоть малейший шанс, что вы вернетесь к своей роли Рассилона в «Докторе Кто», особенно, раз теперь там новый Доктор?

Я частенько себе это представлял (смеется). Думаю, вы можете подойти к любому актеру, любому знаменитому актеру и большинство из них скажут, что то, что они видели в детстве, осталось у них в памяти, в их фантазиях. Вот, вы спрашиваете: «Есть ли что-то, что вам бы хотелось сделать?» — и я бы ответил: «Ребенком я смотрел вестерны. Господи, как я хочу сняться в вестерне!». Но я никогда не снимался. Все мы смотрели фильмы про пиратов. Я бы с радостью снялся в пиратском фильме. А никогда не делал. И фильм ужасов, определенно вписывается в эти рамки, потому что элементы «Penny Dreadful» идеально описывают детские фантазии. «Доктор Кто» — я ведь смотрел его еще ребенком, и он поэтому тоже приносит удовлетворение от того, что ты в нем снимаешься. И, конечно же, потому что Рассилон – это Повелитель Времени. Повелители Времени – это потрясающие персонажи сериала. Но, чтобы ответить на ваш вопрос – собираются ли меня вернуть – отвечу – без понятия. Пока еще мне ничего не предлагали. И лучше бы это произошло поскорее, пока я не пересел в инвалидное кресло.

Вы продолжаете работу в другом сериале – «Игрушечная история» — включая специальный ТВ выпуск «Toy Story That Time Forgot.» А что интересного в том, что вы играете ежика, который носит национальные тирольские шортики?

Но разве они не замечательные? Эти спецвыпуски? Они и поддерживают жизнь сериала. А ты работаешь с очень особенными людьми. И я не имею в виду актеров. Я говорю о талантливых создателях, кто все придумывает. Обычные люди — я, вы, простой зритель, мы и не задумываемся над тем, кто все это делает и придумывает, мы о них никогда не слышали. Я не могу приписать себе честь создания Мистера Приклса. Он целиком и полностью создан ими. И ты работаешь с людьми, которые практически за спасибо создают удивительные вещи, воплощают наши мечты. А ты просто заходи в комнату и играй. Тебе никто не нужен. Ты не встречаешься с остальными актерами – только с режиссером, и это здорово – мы пробуем разные подходы, выбираем, какой из них лучше описывает героя, думаем, надо ли быть более серьезным, или наоборот. Это замечательно.

А этот персонаж создавался для вас?

Не знаю. Это простой ответ, и разглагольствовать было бы глупо. Я не знаю. Может быть, но… Думаю, в какой-то момент они начали задумываться «Итак, а кто же его будет озвучивать? Кто нам нужен? Кто может все это показать?». Мне повезло – они пригласили меня.

А у вас есть игрушки Мистера Приклса?

Да! Сначала у меня появилась кукла где-то 5 см высотой, и мне она очень понравилась. Так здорово, что он у меня на столе! А затем, когда мы записывали этот последний – специальный выпуск, то как раз, когда я пришел на запись, что там шел разговор о рекламной кампании – все, что связано с «Историей Игрушек». И я сказал «А вот у меня ничего нет». И через пару дней получил большую посылку, со своим героем — плюшевым, мягким и замечательным.


Новый видеоблог о съемках сериала. Лаборатория доктора Франкенштейна.  :flag:


Людмила написал(а):

Кто посмотрел вторую серию?

О, время... Свободно в сеть выхожу ближе к ночи, читаю основные новости, но на глобальные просмотры сил не остается, засыпаю....
Обещаю подтянуться!


«Ужасы по дешевке»: новый рекламный ролик

В новом рекламном ролике, продвигающем свое детище — сериал «Ужасы по дешевке» («Бульварные Ужасы», «Страшные Сказки», «Penny Dreadful») — канал Showtime использовал цитаты первых восторженных рецензий критиков и телезрителей.



Скажите а по какому каналу будет идти показ фильма?

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