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Страшные сказки/Penny Dreadful

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valerie написал(а):

появилось несколько намеков о сюжете!

Не ожидала, что центральной будет история сэра Малькольма. То, что Ева будет лучше всех- можно было из трейлера понять, больше всего понравились её сцены (Рив вне конкурса))). Джош. Он и сложнее роли играл, "ЯПСД" один чего только стоит, я верю в него. У критиков работа такая, а задеть именно его- легче всего, знаешь сама.

valerie написал(а):

обычно над сценарием сериалов работают несколько - а то и целая команда сценаристов. А здесь - один Логан держал все нити повествования у себя в голове и сам все описал.

:cool: круто.

valerie написал(а):

уже привлекает для поисков бродячего циркача Итана (Джош Хартнет).

Все таки циркач? разрыв шаблона  o.O  к этому нужно привыкнуть)


Дамы! У меня новость!

Мы запустили новый сайт по сериалу!


Поскольку сайт только что открылся, то информации на нем - кот наплакал, но за пару дней мы все наверстаем. Так что - милости прошу, welcome!!!


valerie написал(а):

Мы запустили новый сайт по сериалу!

Ура! Твоя заслуга! Вы молодцы!  :cool:  Поддержим обязательно! Я пляшу на радостях! Это значит мы сможем первыми посмотреть с переводом и озвучкой, и даже скачать серии! А сколько вкусностей нас ожидает! ААААААА!
valerie !


Съемки закончены. Несколько, завершающих этот сезон, фотографий6 последние деньки и прощальная вечеринка
с твиттера


Еще одна статья о пилотном показе и о данных интервью

SXSW: 'Penny Dreadful' Scares Its Audience Right Out of the Theater
Josh Hartnett and director Juan Antonio Bayona couldn't have been more welcoming when they introduced "Penny Dreadful," their new horror program backed by Showtime at SXSW. Bayona, the director of the series' first two episodes, joked about his height relative to the quite tall Hartnett as the happy duo welcomed a full house to the series' world premiere. The episode -- which still had some color correction and musical work left to be done -- was quite chilling. Enough so, even, that fans bolted from the theater the moment the credits rolled, undoubtedly terrified by the eerie antics of Hartnett & Co. on screen.
Okay. Maybe they were just in a hurry to get to their next screening in a packed SXSW lineup, but half the theater emptied despite pleas from the moderator for people to stick around. It's hard to blame them. As charming and laid back as Hartnett and Bayona were during the session, I, too, was eager to see what else the festival had to offer in the hopes it would be as riveting as "Penny Dreadful," the tastefully terror-inducing series from Academy Award-nominated writer John Logan and Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes. Let's just assume that was everyone's thought process.

Shown as an early cut without completed color correction or musical cues, the first episode of the eight-episode season was nevertheless haunting. Shadows dominated the frame with such consistency a character even commented on it, making a joke about how England had yet to make the strides of America in the department of indoor electricity. Hartnett seemed worried about the presentation, though, telling fans afterward this wasn't a finished problem and it looked like a really dark cut (he later told Indiewire some of the blacks are intentional, but others will be given more definition to fill out the frame).
Hartnett's character, Ethan Chandler, is a sharpshooter of the highest degree. He's sought out by Vanessa Ives, a mysterious observer with a commanding stare who we later learn is clairvoyant. With rave reviews for the otherwise dismissed "300: Rise of an Empire," it appears Eva Green is staking her claim as an actress to watch after breaking out in "Casino Royale." Her eyes hold an incredible intensity in "Penny Dreadful," while her movements are deliberate and smooth. She has an air of knowing, grace, but fear threatens to overwhelm her armored exterior at any moment. It's too early to praise the role all that highly, but she's certainly the one to watch in "Penny Dreadful."

Not that the rest of the cast fails to hold their own -- far from it. Hartnett is only given a few moments of personal drama, but he makes the most of them and discussed how his character's development was part of the longer narrative arc. "The only reason to come back [to TV] for this was that Showtime was going to allow and create space for the creative people like Sam [Mendes], Juan [Antonio Bayona] and John [Logan] to create something special, something unique, and allow me to flesh out a character over a long period of time," Hartnett said. "That’s the fun of this. I don’t really know where Ethan is going to go. If people stick around and tune in, this could go on for a very long time."
Timothy Dalton steals a few scenes as Sir Malcolm, a man on the hunt for his lost daughter and the catalyst for action in "Penny Dreadful." Malcolm is a mysterious and incredibly determined man with an unidentified source of wealth that he uses to employ Vanessa and Ethan to help in his quest. The two experienced hunters are much more earnest than Ethan, most likely because they've seen the horrors for years which he's only just now admitting exist.

The set up should allow for brief moments of levity when Ethan's sarcastic or direct demeanor takes over. In the pilot, the trio takes on a series of odd creatures -- unbeknownst to Ethan, who accepted the job without terms -- before killing a vampire in its lair. The distinctive set design grabs attention, as do the ever-present shadows hiding parts of every frame, but the composition is shattered when Ethan exclaims, "Who the fuck are you people?"

We're all wondering the same thing. Most pilots make extra strides to try to fit in extra amounts of exposition, hoping the audience will latch onto something they can later develop. Not in today's world where pilots aren't pilots -- they're just first episodes. Hartnett had just wrapped the eight-episode season on Friday before flying in Sunday to attend the screening. This series is in the books and will sink or swim as the vision of Logan, Mendes and Bayona, who was given credit at the screening for establishing the series' look. We don't need all of our questions answered now. We've got seven hours left to find out what goes bump in the night in "Penny Dreadful."



There is more to this world than meets the eye.
Мир гораздо больше, чем кажется на первый взгляд. … 84/photo/1

Много фото со съемок (без Джоша)
Галерея 1
Галерея 2


Люда, спасибо за статью-обзор! Я катастрофически ничего сейчас не успеваю - столько всего навалилось, поэтому перевожу основное и самое интересное - герой Джоша, будучи талантливым стрелком, или снайпером, по-современному, ввязался в не совсем обычное задание - я так понимаю, что он поддался обаянию героини Евы и пообещал ей "огневую поддержку" в ее начинании - они пошли в опиумный притон - по пути к ним присоединился сэр Малкольм))) В притоне как раз и произошла та встреча с человеком-змеей, и оказалось, что в этом месте еще и гнездо вампиров - вампиров уничтожили - телки реки крови. Самый знаменательный момент серии - когда Итан произносит фразу "Who the fuck are you, people" - кто вы... с непереводимой игрой слов)) А потом еще и появляется доктор Франкенштейн, который из трупов вампиров собирает своего человек... Да, еще есть фраза, что героиня Евы после побоища целует мертвую голову  o.O .

А еще пишут, что видно, что над фильмом пока не работали соответственно - краски слишком темные, сцену боя практически не видно, поэтому Хуан Байона отметил, что все это будет осветляться и монтироваться немного в другом ключе)))

Такие новости)))


Спасибо за перевод!
Раскрываются подробности сюжета. Получается, сцена в опиумном притоне в самом начале, ужас как хочу поскорее познакомиться с этим местечком)))


Так снимали сцены драк в Penny Dreadful

и прекрасная Ева Грин


Новый видеоролик от создателей сериала!  :flag:

Джон Логан рассказывает о своей интерпретации классических "страшилок" - не много, но естьновые сцены из сериала!!! Даже герой Тимоти Далтона - сэр Малкольм - заговорил! При взгляде на Джоша щемит сердце - такая мука у него на лице написана! При взгляде на Рива Карни (Дориана Грея) земля из-под ног уходит  :blush: А Ева в вечернем платье!!! Не скажу ничего нового - хочу сериал

Видеоролик к русскими субтитрами смотрим на сайте Ужасов по дешевке  :flag:



valerie написал(а):

Новый видеоролик от создателей сериала!

valerie написал(а):

Видеоролик к русскими субтитрами смотрим на сайте Ужасов по дешевке

Спасибо за перевод и субтитры, это праздник какой-то!!!
Не могу не принести кадры, ролик хочется пересматривать снова и снова, скорее бы вышел сериал, никакого терпения не хватает!!!
С Джошем
Какой взгляд!
И с Ривом


21 марта - день рождения замечательного Тимоти Далтона  :flag: 

Статья об актере Ссылка

И самые теплые и лучшие пожелания!



With American Horror Story between seasons (and The Walking Dead about to wrap up its fourth season), the scarcity of television horror has left fans of the genre deflated. But on May 11, Showtime tears its way into the game with Penny Dreadful, a psychosexual horror series starring Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, and Timothy Dalton.

Created by John Logan (Acadamy Award-nominated writer of Gladiator, The Aviator, Hugo, and Skyfall), Penny Dreadful is set in London, circa 1891, and brings together some of literature’s most iconic characters — Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Mina Harker — for a terrifying new journey. But if May is too far off for you, BuzzFeed has an exclusive look inside the series.

Два отрывка из сериала, ну, да, немножко спойлер   :flag:
смотрите по ссылке, позже добавим видео на форум! … ror-series

“The show actually started with Eva,” John Logan told BuzzFeed in an interview earlier this week. “I created Vanessa as the central character around which all the other characters weave, and wrote it for Eva because I knew I needed an actor with courage and absolute passion, because that’s what Vanessa is.”

Logan describes Vanessa as the enigmatic, beguiling, and haunted heart of Penny Dreadful — but while Vanessa was Logan’s entry point into this world, it is Ethan Chandler (Hartnett) who serves as the audiences’ eyes.

“He’s an American in 1891 Victorian London and, like all of us, he doesn’t know the rules of the game,” Logan said. “He has to learn about this world the same way the audience does.”

Hartnett, who hasn’t starred on a television series in over a decade, emerged as a front-runner for the role because of “the demons behind his eyes,” Logan said. “Josh is a real hero, but he’s got incredible vulnerability and depth within. All the characters have their curses, have their monstrous elements, and I think Josh perfectly embodies that.”

Vanessa and Ethan become quickly entwined, both metaphorically and physically, because each believes they can save the other. “There’s a darkness that compels both of them and, perhaps, they can find the light together,” Logan teased. “And also, let’s face it, they’re beautiful people you want to see together.”
За все эти сокровища, за экстаз,  спасибо valerie!!!)))


От вчерашних видео в экстазе))) никак не приду в себя что будет когда выйдет сериал? кто будет спасать?)))

Вышел новый тизер, смотреть по ссылке:

Watch: Showtime's Grisly 'Penny Dreadful' Teaser Aims to Leave You in Stiches

No, it's not a comedy. The gruesome teaser trailer for Showtime's upcoming eight-episode horror series from John Logan ("Gladiator") and Sam Mendes ("American Beauty," "Skyfall") is as terrifying as they come without showing you a single character. Series stars Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, and Josh Hartnett can all be heard in voice over, reading words appearing on the flesh of stitched up skin -- skin, perhaps being brought to life?

The world premiere screening at SXSW earlier this month certainly played up the importance of life after death, and -- without revealing too much -- this teaser further emphasizes the importance of a fourth character best kept under wraps. Take a look for yourself, if you have the stomach for it, and stay tuned for more coverage as "Penny Dreadful" prepares for its May 11th premiere.


На сайте


видео можно посмотреть с русскими субтитрами  :flag:

Людмила написал(а):

От вчерашних видео в экстазе))) никак не приду в себя . что будет когда выйдет сериал? кто будет спасать?)))

У меня слов нет - сплошные эмоции ну. и дальше, по панели дополнительных смайликов пройтись...

Приду в себя - напишу что-нибудь путное)) А пока - я где-то там, в мире Penny Dreadful


На сайте рассказываем о Театре Ужасов в викторианскую эпоху!



valerie, спасибо!!!)


Sana написал(а):

valerie, спасибо!!!)

да не за что! Заходите на сайт, повышайте посещаемость и рейтинги в поисковых системах)))


valerie написал(а):

Заходите на сайт, повышайте посещаемость и рейтинги в поисковых системах)))

И ссылку можно дать моим друзьям? Я в твиттере кину)


Sana написал(а):

И ссылку можно дать моим друзьям? Я в твиттере кину)

Обязательно! Мы еще, может переводить будем сериал)))


Кому интересно, рассказ от режиссера Rob Roth, о том, как создавались для сериала, показанные в тизере дышащие швы на коже Франкенштейна:

Behind the Work: Penny Dreadful Stitched

Mill+ worked with Director/Artist Rob Roth to create the macabre and poetic promo for Showtime’s upcoming horror drama series Penny Dreadful. “Stitched” combines in-camera practical FX with a dash of CGI, resulting in a beautifully haunting metaphoric representation of the shows concept.

Set in the darkest corners of Victorian London, Penny Dreadful is a psychological thriller that weaves together the origin stories of some of literature’s most famously terrifying characters including Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and iconic figures from Dracula.

The psychosexual horror series stars Timothy Dalton, Eva Green and Josh Hartnett and was created, written, and executive produced by three-time Oscar nominee John Logan (Sweeney Todd, Skyfall) along with executive producers Sam Mendes and Pippa Harris.


Longtime Mill+ collaborator Rob Roth directed the gory new promo featuring a combination of in-camera practical FX with a dash of CGI magic. Director Rob Roth explains his approach: “The concept that Showtime presented was very strong and I was immediately inspired. I wanted to create something beautiful yet slightly disturbing. Like the dark and mysterious feelings evoked from the works of The Brothers Quay or Jan Svankmajer.”

The promo concept combines texts from the classic gothic horror novels, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with different skins being sewn together. Specific lines of text from each of the novels were “stitched” together to reveal a new sentence that is read in the voice over by each of the characters from the new series.

Rob wanted to shoot as much of the promo in-camera as possible to create an eerily realistic look. Candlelight and dust elements were shot so that most of the effects are from organic material. He happened to have a mold of his chest handy and it was used by FX artists Jacqueline Valega, Dan Blondet and art director Joe Sciacca to create the prosthetics skins.

The prosthetics were sculpted, molded and then cast in silicone to create multiple skin textures. The pieces were then painted and sewn together by hand to achieve a realistic skin texture and scarring.


Classic animation techniques were used to compliment the practical FX; such as shooting the muscle fatty tissue that was ripped apart in camera and then playing it backward in the cut, adding to the dreamlike and surreal vision.

The Mill 2D team created the tattooed look for the type, burning it into the skin and making it feel progressively more infected. The image was warped and distorted to give it life in places and to enhance the nightmare quality of the spot.

The stitches were tracked in Maya by hand using CV curves. A tracking geo was then created in Houdini from those curves.  The main point was to make the stitches look like they were going through imperfect holes in the surface and realistically weave through the skin.

3D artist Ryan Coster shared more details on the animated stitching. The image below shows the the different frequencies of animation used to guide the movement of the stitches through the red, blue and green. The red indicates tighter stitching that stays put as the flesh moves while the green lines guide the wilder movements seen in the promo.

The skin was made to lift up and give in response to the tracked stitching movements. Shadows were added in compositing to realistically enhance the movements. The animated stitched come to life in the spot below with the stitching working with the skin in corresponding controlled and maniacal movements adding a fantastic and grisly finale.


Rob  wanted to bring something a bit more poetic and haunting to the TV horror genre. “I was trying to stay away from fast cutting and frenetic audio, which I see a lot of lately. To me there is something more terrifying about a slow pace. It’s more menacing.”

The result is a gruesome and ominous metaphoric representation of the shows concept, bringing the characters literary history together in a haunting new vision.

Ссылка + фото


На сайте шоутайм
Знакомьтесь- Итан Чандлер, очаровательный американский снайпер в бегах от тревожного прошлого:
A charming American who finds himself trapped in the darkest corners of Victorian London, Ethan's charm and brash ways are catnip to the ladies. When Sir Malcolm enlists him to help in a personal quest, Ethan meets Brona Croft, a beautiful local with a mysterious past. But behind Ethan's bright eyes lurk dark secrets. He is running from something, and his troubling past threatens to overtake him at every turn.

размер  :love:


Люда, спасибо за размер!  :love:

Вот, одежду ему для постера подобрали - красота! Оттенки такие глубокие. И кровь из-под перчатки... Вчера вот пересматривала Слевина - думаю, Итан чем-то перекликается с ним! Тоже убийца, очаровашка! Правда, Итану не придется мстить - судя по роликам, она сам потерял всех, кто ему дороги - в этом целиком и полностью его вина. Но сходство все-таки есть! До премьеры сериала 46 дней  :)


На сайте Ссылка статья об актрисе Еве Грин!  :flag:


Всем любителям роскоши посвящается (ну, тек кто любит пиво Heineken тоже не помешает зайти)



valerie, за роскошь отдельное благодарю)


Постеры! Убийственные!!!  Дориан Грей *обморок*
Брона Крофт

In two new exclusive character posters from the series, we meet Dorian Gray, a beautiful wealthy young man, and Brona Croft, a poor Irish immigrant. Both characters are bleeding in the posters, Gray with a snake bite and Brona with bloody handkerchief.



Долгожданное видео с Ривом Карни!  Итак, прошу застегнуть ремни безопасности!

Видеоблог - секс тур по викторианскому Лондону от создателей Penny Dreadful, с невыносимо прекрасным и очаровательным Ривом Карни в главной роли!

A ‘Penny Dreadful’ Sex Tour: Where Victorians Picked Up Hookers and Bought Porn (Exclusive Video)
Meet the first sexters in exclusive video from Showtime's new series

Showtime's upcoming “Penny Dreadful” shows us the strangest parts of Victorian London, but some things never change. In a new video from the production, star Reeve Carney shows us where Londoners cruised, picked up prostitutes, and bought their porn.

It's eye-opening. Carney, who is escorted (not that kind of escorted) by historian and author Matthew Sweet (not this Matthew Sweet) learns that Victorians sometimes commissioned their own private porn. That strikes Carney's interest, because he plays Dorian Gray, a character who knows a little something about portraits.

Also read: ‘Penny Dreadful’ Trailer: Josh Hartnett and Eva Green in a World of Sex, Blood and Monsters

Other discoveries: One public park hosted regular bacchanals. Male and female prostitutes could ply their trade fairly openly at one theater. And if you think “sexting” is new, you've never heard of perverted telegraph boys.




Видеоблог о сексиндустрии викторианского Лондона с Ривом Карни в роли скучающего денди Дориана Грея с русскими субтитрами


в общем, все те же смайлики, что и у Людмилы

Что тут еще скажешь - надо будет это пережить!


Людмила написал(а):

Итак, прошу застегнуть ремни безопасности!

))) или закатать губу)
А вообще, здорово!
valerie, спасибо за перевод!)

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