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Джош снимется у МакГигана? Завтра? / Josh in McGuigan's "Tomorrow"?

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Everydika написал(а):

Серьезный кастинг  :D Один Джош)))  Я бы не отказалась часа два смотреть фильм, где есть ТОЛЬКО Джош.....
А если без шуток - это пока только предварительная информация. Да и со съемок - еще 4 месяца. Присоединиться кто-нибудь)


The Cold
A man travels uncontrollably back and forth through time trying desperately to prevent the murder of his family. Pre-production – US Production. Shooting Summer 2011 for delivery Spring 2012.


Max Martin can time travel and must travel back in time to save his family.

In the near future, a man bursts out of the trunk of a car at an abandoned factory. Max Martin is bloody and his clothes tattered. He runs to the tree line and digs at a particular spot coming up with a duffel bag filled with energy bars, clothes and a handgun.

In the near past, two detectives, Hatcher and Dobbs, work late at the local police station. Max bursts in begging for their help, but no one remembers him.

In the present, the day before July 4th, Max is lying in a bathroom stall. His clothes entirely perforated for some mysterious reason. He heads back to his desk. Joe, a co-worker and close friend, asks what he was doing in the bathroom for 3 hours. Max doesn’t really know.

Max calls his wife Molly and leaves a message on her cell phone. Max gets worried and calls again, voicemail. He then gets a call from Molly’s phone asking him to identify himself. A sinister voice threatens to kill Max’s family. Max starts to dissolve into pieces and finally disappears in a burst of white light. He has travelled back in time and he’s just arrived at home again.

What is happening to him? Where is his family? He then receives the same telephone call again. Time has shifted.

There is a trail of blood at home and it looks like Max has killed his family. Has he been framed?
Max must find the kidnappers before they kill his family. And who is the mysterious Agent Sanders who knows more about the goings on of Max and his family than he states. Why do the police not believe his story?

So begins Max Martin’s quest to rescue his family, control his time travel ability and save himself from destruction.

Fast-paced sci-fi thriller from acclaimed director Paul McGuigan.


Paul McGuigan
A highly respected director known for films with great visual flair. Titles include:

Sherlock – for BBC
Push – for Icon / Summit
Lucky Number Slevin – TWC
Wicker Park – MGM
Gangster No.1
The Acid House

Worldview Entertainment
Molly Conners is the producer of Ass Backwards, 30 Beats and the award-winning Frozen River.

Zero Gravity Management
Mark Williams is the producer of such films as Flawless, In Enemy Hands and The Cooler.

For further information please contact
......а где Джош......


tentrah написал(а):

......а где Джош......

Не будем впадать в панику. Здесь только синопсис, и сюжет раскрыт чуть подробнее. О кастинге и речи нет. Да и сам проект ещё в стадии  "бабка надвое сказала"... Нам остается только уповать на МакГигана, Джоша и на чудо.


Людмила написал(а):

Да и сам проект ещё в стадии  "бабка надвое сказала"...

Именно. У МакГигана в фильмографии даже нет этого фильма пока.


Новости по крупицам, из журнала. На фестивале TIFF, в сентябре, успешно совершилась предварительная продажа фильма "Tomorrow" нескольким крупным компаниям, занимающихся дистрибьюцией на мировом кинорынке. Основные действующие лица те же : Поль МакГиган и Джош Хартнетт. Съемки фильма предполагаются в начале 2011 года в Луизиане.

SC Films International successfully closed pre-sales on Worldview’s sci-fi thriller, “Tomorrow,” at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival in September. Several international territories were sold while meeting with distributors from around the world at the film market last month. Worldview executives, Christopher Woodrow and Molly Conners, accompanied Simon Crowe, founder and CEO of SC Films International, in Toronto.

Worldview executives also attended the 29th annual American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California, November 4-11. After a successful trip to the market last year, Worldview executives presented the sci-fi thriller “Tomorrow” to potentional distributors and co-financiers. AFM has become an integral film market, boasting an attendance of over 400 film companies and over 1,000 projects at the annual market. Worldview was once again accompanied by Simon Crowe of SC Films International, who is handling foreign sales on “Tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow” is a sci-fi thriller in the vein of “Momento” about a man (Josh Hartnett) who travels uncontrollably back and forth through time, trying desperately to prevent the murder of his family. Paul McGuigan (“Lucky Number Slevin,” “Push”) will direct the film with Worldview and Mark Williams of Zero Gravity Management producing. Written by Michael Gould, the film is scheduled to commence principal photography in early 2011 in Louisiana.


Людмила написал(а):

Съемки фильма предполагаются в начале 2011 года в Луизиане.

...не поняла...а "Singularity"....


tentrah написал(а):

...не поняла...а "Singularity"....

Судя по бюджету, через пару месяцев съёмки "Singularity" закончатся, он успеет и в  "Tomorrow".  ;)
Джош и так достаточно долго отлынивал от работы  :confused:


Людмила написал(а):

долго отлынивал от работы

..точняк... :D
...потому как результаты "лени" нам не показывают...

через пару месяцев съёмки "Singularity" закончатся,

...да и на Джoша много дублей не понадобится...
   ...он всё делает качественно с первого раза... :flirt:

Отредактировано tentrah (2010-11-23 19:41:21)


tentrah написал(а):

...да и на Джoша много дублей не понадобится...
   ...он всё делает качественно с первого раза...

Пусть лучше делают тыщи дублей, хАчу результат.  :canthearyou:


Людмила написал(а):

тыщи дублей,

...тада доооооооооооооооооолго ждать резулbтата...
   ...тама есть таланты пленку поrтить и время тянуть.... :confused:

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