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Где был замечен Джош / Places where Josh appeared & was noticed

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Похоже, наш красавец был замечен в Сhateau marmont

Свернутый текст


Verte написал(а):

Похоже, наш красавец был замечен в Сhateau marmont

За стаканами спрятался  не разглядеть парня  :'(


Хорошо замаскировался :D Но вроде все-таки он))) Макушка похожа)))


Everydika написал(а):

Хорошо замаскировался  Но вроде все-таки он))) Макушка похожа)))

....эт фотограф малорослый видат....до стoла тока достал... :(
.....Джошка...точняк... :yep:


On Monday I happened to be looking especially sharp and stepped out in this little number for coffee. Good thing I did, when I arrived the surround areas were full of camera crews, cop cars, and buses. I immediately started chatting with bystanders and uncovered that a big shot actor had been spotted walking the streets!!!
I was told that Josh Hartnett had been seen entering the black SUV on the right (say what?). Without a second thought I joined the mob of rubberneckers anxiously waiting for action. The SUV was on a platform that the crew repeatedly drove up and down the street for what seemed like an eternity/30 minutes. I gave up around the 35 minute mark (SUPER depressing, I know) but in my defense, heels aren't the preferred footwear of stalkers.
Even though I didn’t get to satisfy my viewing desires I enjoyed being part of the commotion.

FYI: If it was James Franco I would've been barefoot in the street or hanging from a light post.


Selena Gomez & Ashley Greene: Memorial Day Party!

Twilight‘s Ashley Greene was seen rubbing shoulders with Josh Hartnett outside on the deck. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale‘s sons Kingston and Zuma played on the giant inflatable toys with Tobey Maguire‘s daughter Ruby



Josh Hartnett: Ice Cream Cone Cool!
Josh Hartnett keeps cool with an ice cream cone on Sunday (July 8) while vacationing in Saint-Tropez, France.

The 33-year-old actor joined some pals on the trip and checked out the stores around town.

Josh‘s upcoming film Singularity, also starring Neve Campbell and his rumored love Bipasha Basu, is set to be released later this year.
Singularity, directed by two-time Oscar nominee Roland Joffe, is an epic, sweeping and riveting tale of an impossible love set across two time periods and continents.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Josh Hartnett



Людмила написал(а):

Josh Hartnett keeps cool with an ice cream cone on Sunday (July 8) while vacationing in Saint-Tropez, France.

о, он в Сан-Тропе... :)


Miaow написал(а):

, он в Сан-Тропе..

Вы с Джошем одним воздухом дышали...


Amanda Lee ‏@itsreallylee
Think I may have just seen Josh Hartnett at my local. My tired eyes may be fooling me- as he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt

15 июля 12 в 5:55 утра  o.O


Джош  в Миннесоте на Highland Fest

Happy Birthday to Minnesota native Josh Hartnett! (loved him in "O"... can't wait for "Singularity!")

Hanging out with Josh Hartnett and @NateMoore23 at the Beer Dabbler...NBD
I ran into JOSH HARTNETT!!!! #celebmeet #starstruck #hottie #sexy @ Highland Fest
A little Minnesota love with Josh Hartnett at the Beer Dabbler!



Wait Josh Hartnett was at Best Coast on Saturday just chilling omg what how did I not know this


3-8 2012 mpls


Oh hi Josh Hartnett



miembrojoven написал(а):

Oh hi Josh Hartnett

Повезло девушке  ;)


Старое/новое фото из Норвегии, Джоша можно найти)


I think this picture is from when josh was in London
josh hartnett was in petersfield last night!!!
Big cousin casually bumped into Josh hartnett last night... Not jealous at all. Photos. Sat with him for a few hours. No bigg
Sitting 5 metres from Josh Hartnett in a bar in Edinburgh. My fringe just got a whole lot better. *swoons*
Josh Hartnett chilling in the VIP at work. Gutted I have finished for the day!! :
Josh Hartnett is here!!!
josh hartnett was at the fringe bar I was at tonight. I really didn't know who he was... but then.. duh! BLACK HAWK DOWN!!
Josh Hartnett (THE Josh Hartnett) is across the bar from me!
Maybe he is stalking us?
Don't all wet your pants, but I am sitting 10 feet away from Josh Hartnett. In Edinburgh. Feel free to upgrade your opinion of me.
People are talking to me about...things. But I'm just staring at JOSH HARTNETT.
Josh Hartnett is in the building
Jut served Josh Hartnett #starstruck #sexonlegs

Джош Хартнетт был в Petersfield прошлой ночью!
Большой двоюродный брат случайно наткнулся на Джош Хартнетт прошлой ночью ... Не ревнует вообще. Фото. Сидели с ним в течение нескольких часов. Нет Bigg
Сидя в 5 метрах от Джош Хартнетт в баре в Эдинбурге. Моя бахрома только что получил намного лучше. * падает в обморок *
Джош Хартнетт охлаждения в VIP на работу. Потрошеная я закончил в течение дня! :
Джош Хартнетт здесь!
Джош Хартнетт был на краю бара я был в сегодня вечером. Я действительно не знаю, кто он был ... но потом .. Дух! Black Hawk Down!
Джош Хартнетт (Josh Hartnett) находится напротив бара от меня!
Боже мой, я в другой бар и Джош Хартнетт снова здесь.
Может быть, он преследует нас?
Не все намочить штаны, но я сижу расстоянии в 10 футов от Джош Хартнетт. В Эдинбурге. Вы можете обновить ваше мнение обо мне.
Люди говорят мне о ... вещах. Но я просто смотрела на Джош Хартнетт.
Джош Хартнетт находится в здании
Jut служил Джош Хартнетт # # Starstruck sexonlegs



OMG Josh hot in person :D at The Balmoral,Edinburgh


Отредактировано miembrojoven (2012-08-19 17:19:14)


Джош по прежнему в Лондоне, твиттер пестрит сообщениями, но новых фоток пока нет Ждемс!!!

One of my better celebrity spots! Josh Hartnett in soho. Yes!


Saw kelly rippa and josh hartnet checked out my gf.

I just saw Josh Hartnett jogging!


Josh Harnett is just across the road eating oysters.

Josh Hartnett sitting next to us at Five Leaves eating oysters with french fries


Gorgeous @vsmag dinner with Liv Tyler, Helena Christensen and Josh Hartnett (I know). The new mag is pretty awesome too...

Josh hartnett - you are too drunk #NYC #bestNight  :crazyfun:


Джоша видели на Неделе Моды в Нью Йорке :)
I met Josh Hartnett on Monday at Fashion Week! He's super nice

От фоток бы не отказалась)


Stacy Kohout ‏@Stacyrs72

Josh Hartnett even came to the show! And you can get 1/2 price tickets at


Сhris Рavlich and Josh Hartnett at Apple Store Uptown
25 сентября 2012  Миннеаполис


Людмила написал(а):

Сhris Рavlich and Josh Hartnett at Apple Store Uptown
25 сентября 2012  Миннеаполис

:cool: смешнючий.....


tentrah написал(а):


Милый, милый...

Джош в Минеаполисе, ведет активный образ жизни:

is all a flutter having just had a run in with Josh Hartnett at the baseball in Minneapolis    :question:

Walked past Josh Hartnett at a Minnesota Twins game this afternoon, and yes he is just as gorgeous in real life!

Definitely saw #joshhartnett at #barrio downtown. He still looks as good as he did 10 years ago!

According to my sources, Josh Hartnett is at Uptown Cafeteria looking very hipster-ish..


josh at the premiere of "Art" at Minneapolis Photo Center. 16-9-2012



упссссссссс......ржака..... ххто там накаркал, шо следующая с мужиком будет?????
.... :rofl: Джош —красава зажигает.... пацсталом.... :jumping:


Людмила написал(а):

josh at the premiere of "Art" at Minneapolis Photo Center. 16-9-2012

tentrah написал(а):

Джош —красава зажигает

А у того, на торсе которого ручки Джоша,  как-то игриво в камеру смотрит...

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