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30 дней ночи / 30 days of night

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Если кому интересно, про 30 дней ночи : читайте :)


да лан, ничего фильм получился, только концовку надо было внушительнее сделать. конец испоганили.


Довольно интересное интервью с Джошем о фильме "30 дней ночи" :
Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett is amused to be called a “Hollywood cad”, having been linked with Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna in recent months. But the truth is, the 29-year-old star largely keeps out of the limelight, and that includes keeping away from the kinds of places Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan hang out. Apparently he prefers to go back to Minnesota, where he was raised, rather than spend too much time in Tinseltown.

In his latest film 30 Days of Night, Hartnett is joined by Australian actress Melissa George and veteran actor Danny Huston. In Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town in the U.S, the winter sun sets and does not rise for 30 days and nights. From the darkness comes an evil force that strikes terror on the town, and all hope is pinned on a husband-and-wife cop team.

When do you think vampire movies started getting off course?
Maybe with Bram Stoker’s Dracula?
JOSH HARTNETT: I love that movie. I really like and appreciate vampire movies so I don’t have any qualms with where the vampire movies have gone. But I think 30 Days of Night is definitely bringing it to a different place, a much more terrifying place. I don’t mind not being scared if I can see a guy giving a performance way, way outside the bounce like Gary Oldman. He is so intense and he gives great performances.

What about the Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt’s Interview with a Vampire?
[Laughs] But that was a very incredible sexy movie.

But maybe too sexy for a vampire movie. They should have been more ferocious.
That’s the thing [director] David Slade really wanted to stir away from in this film. He didn’t want the vampires to be fashionistas [laughs]. He wanted them to be feral, scary and aggressive. I like the curiosity of Danny Huston’s personification of the vampire, the way he looks at the humans. We are food but it was also something he was studying. You’ve been a vampire for such a long time that he didn’t remember humanity in some ways. I like the idea of humans being chased for something that is pure evil. We are not to fall in love with them as Winona Ryder falls in love by Gary Oldman in Dracula. But they are very different kind of movies, different genres or different ways to look at it.

How do you deal with rumours?
95 percent of them are false and I just laugh about them. It’s funny how they connect you to everyone in the room. They called me a Hollywood cad. I think it’s fantastic, having only been in two real relationships in my life.

Are you surprised that you’d be called a Hollywood cad?
No it doesn’t surprise me because they want to make a story out of anything, really. It’s a slow news day I guess. I think that’s just the bread and butter of a lot of magazines these days. They sensationalise everything because they don’t have a story. They’ll write whatever they can get their hands on it. I think the more you stay out of the spotlight the more believable you are as an actor. You don’t want anyone knowing about your life anyway.

Did it appeal to you that this movie was not a genre piece but had space for characters to explore different things?
Honestly, a vampire film wasn’t at the top of my list. It was because of the people involved and the script. I thought it was something that was really elevated. My favourite scary movies have always been films like Alien and Jaws, films that have good acting and an interesting visual and are suspenseful at the same time. Not necessarily just gory. And this film, even though it has an amazing amount of blood in it, is suspenseful.

You don’t really like scary movies?
I guess it depends on the scary movie. I don’t like a lot of the scary movies that are made today because they’re blood baths. I don’t think there’s a lot of art that goes into it. I think what’s great is a good scary movie that has a story to it. The way it folds itself out. And you have room in supernatural movies to create visuals that you couldn’t create in other types of movies. You can bring people to a world that you couldn’t realistically otherwise.

You mentioned the intensity of Gary Oldman’s performance in Dracula. Is that something you aspire to?
I want to grow constantly. I think people have more potential than they give themselves credit for – in this industry specially. When you work with great directors, you can really throw yourself to them and they can find a way to work with you. For a long time I was completely terrified to look like an idiot on the screen. Now I’m becoming less and less worried about looking like an idiot and more and more worried of not fully embodying every emotional state the character has to have. I think I’m driven by fear. I’m trying to pick directors that I really feel comfortable with. In the past, I was much more interested in how the role was.



А я вчера наконец то купила лицензию и посмотрела таки фильм в нормальном качестве !

Отредактировано Наталка (2008-02-03 22:03:06)


Наталка написал(а):

посмотрела таки фильм в нормальном качестве !

Есть разница!!!Не смотря на то, что фильм дружно  ругают, слышала много хороших отзывов, особенно от студентов одного ВУЗа :)


На DVD с фильмом "30 дней ночи" у мерикосов полно всяких дополнительных материалов, нарезали кадров с интервью и съёмок  :)

Остальное в галерее :


На последней фотке такой обиженный !


ути госпади!!! прям бы к титькам прижала б и пожалела б!!!

Наталка написал(а):

На последней фотке такой обиженный !


Gagda написал(а):

ути госпади!!! прям бы к титькам прижала б и пожалела б!!!


Gagda написал(а):

прям бы к титькам прижала б и пожалела б!!!

Людмила написал(а):

На DVD с фильмом "30 дней ночи" у мерикосов полно всяких дополнительных материалов,

Ну вот. Им как всегда везет.  :/ А нам - облом!!!  :mad:  Но Джош однако красавчег!  :love:


Julia написал(а):

:/ А нам - облом!!!

Наша DVD версия- ацтой- субтитры и эпизоды!  Даже нет дорожки на английском языке(((


Людмила написал(а):

На DVD с фильмом "30 дней ночи" у мерикосов полно всяких дополнительных материалов, нарезали кадров с интервью и съёмок

вот блин... у нас кастрированные издания выходят... я даже наш двд покупать не хочу, какой смысл.


Фильм "30 дней ночи" там,у них))) так же вышел на диске в формате  Blu-ray , что нам пока и не снилось...
По ссылке очень большой, на две страницы отзыв, перечислены практически все достоинства и недостатки фильма и ессно упоминается наш любимый Джош Хартнетт :)


Людмила написал(а):

так же вышел на диске в формате  Blu-ray , что нам пока и не снилось...

у нас-то тоже может выйти Blueray, уже выпускают потихоньку, только смотреть-то его на чем... и стоит он нехило...


Everydika написал(а):

только смотреть-то его на чем...

От именна!  :'( Технический прогресс начинает напрягать.


Интервью Джоша к фильму 30 дней ночи на DVD
DVD Interview : Josh Hartnett
Bursting onto the big screen in the 1998 film series, ''Halloween: H20'', Josh Hartnett has evolved into one of the most successful and hardest working actors in Hollywood. From ''O'', the modern day twist on Shakespeare’s “Othello”, to ''Pearl Harbor'' and from ''Black Hawk Down'' and to ''Sin City'', Hartnett has worked with some of the most acclaimed directors in the business and has proven himself a versatile actor ready to take on a challenge.
Q: What do vampires represent to you?
Josh: They are interesting because they kill to survive and this is very animalistic. Also, the idea of immortality is intriguing to us, mortals. It’s some sort of mirror for us, to look at ourselves.
Q: Do you like horror movies?
Josh: Well, my favorite films are pictures like Jaws or Alien. So I enjoy horror if it has a good story, good acting and interesting visuals. Also, I enjoy the suspense. I don’t care particularly for gore. I don’t like most of the scary movies made today because they are just a blood-bath and don’t make much sense to me. But I love this one (30 Days of Night) because of its lyricism, its visuals, its intensity.
Q: How is ''30 Days of Night'' different from other vampire movies?
Josh: It was great for me to see the direction taken by David Slade and how he wanted the vampires to be primal and scary. He didn’t want them to recite Baudelaire. He wanted them to be very scary, dangerous, and frightening. No sexy vampires like in Interview with a Vampire. And finally what I liked was the curiosity that these vampires have and how they look at human beings as subjects they are observing before killing them. Humans in this movie are food and a case study for these vampires. Therefore you have room here to create visuals that you wouldn’t see in another type of movie. You bring people to a world they would not be able to visit in their regular life. It was a chance for me to do something I had not done before and something I maybe won’t have another chance to do.
Q: Was this film fun to shoot?
Josh: Well, yes. You have to have a light mood when you’re shooting such an intense movie. Playing this type of character was fun for me because Eben is such a different character from previous roles. Some scenes of course, like in the attic, call for a more somber attitude and focused energy. But overall, we had a great time and everyone was so much fun to work with.
Q: Why do you think audiences enjoy being scared?
Josh: We live relatively safe lives in spite of what we are built for and can endure. We could probably stand a little more fear and danger. Fear makes people more aware. It wakes them up. Also, it gives them a sense that there is more around them than they can see. It appeals to people on a basic level. It’s like when you watch comedies and you have the need to laugh. Here, you have the need to be scared; to face fear and death, but survive it. It’s important to get your emotions out. Sometimes you need to cry and you’re not sure what to cry about. Horror helps you release that inner tension.
Q: How would you describe ''30 DAYS OF NIGHT?''
Josh: For me this film is a western-style drama; a thriller about isolation and fear. It’s about human nature and how the human nature strives to survive at any cost. It’s interesting to explore this metaphor but at the same time, it is just fine if you enjoy the film for its action and its horror.
Q: Did you do any research to prepare for your role as Eben Oleson?
Josh: Not really. We didn’t have much time to rehearse or talk too much with the director before the shoot. But the script was so clear and the graphic novel so vivid, that it was easy to understand what everyone was going to make.
Q: At this stage in your career what drives your acting or inspires you?
Josh: I’m never content and I always try to work hard to perfect my acting. I want to constantly grow. When you work with great directors, this is when you can grow. For a long time I was terrified of looking like an idiot on the big screen but now I am not worried about this. Now I think about what my character needs in order for the audience to believe in my performance. I’m driven by fear I guess. I also focus more on the director I choose to work with. Before I was more interested with what the role was and that was it.
Q: What was it like to work with the director on this film, David Slade?
Josh: I liked David’s approach. He was interested in making each character connect and work together to create a great dynamic on the screen, so the audience can feel involved. I also liked his approach with music and the use of sound. We recorded so much breathing tracks because he felt that the breathing sounds will create, in this isolated place, the rhythm and the tension of the film. The score is phenomenal because he doesn’t give you the bang right on the scare, where you expect it, but it does something odd after, it stays with you. It was great to work with such a creative and hardworking director.
Q: What has been your most memorable night so far in your life?
Josh: It’s probably when I was a kid and my parents had this cabin near a lake in Minnesota. We used to spend most summers there, actually weeks at a time, and we would run in the woods at night and scare the crap out of each other with my cousins and other friends. I loved this idea of being terrified and running in the woods without really knowing which way to take to end up safe. It’s really vivid in my memory. Also, it was beautiful and romantic because the night was full of fire-flies. It was quite magical.

Источник : … ett_1.html


Топ-10: лучшие вампирские фильмы
1) Интервью с вампиром (Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, 1994)
2)Дракула (Dracula, 1992), режиссер Фрэнсис Форд Коппола.
3) Голод (The Hunger, 1983), режиссер Тони Скотт
4) Тень вампира (Shadow of the Vampire, 2000), режиссер Элиас Мэридж
5)Королева проклятых (Queen of the Damned, 2002), режиссер Майкл Раймер.
6)Другой мир (Underworld, 2003), режиссер Лен Вайзман.
7)Вампиры Джона Карпентера (Vampires, 1998), режиссер Джон Карпентер
8)Ван Хельсинг (Van Helsing, 2004), режиссер Стивен Соммерс
9)30 дней ночи (30 Days of Night, 2007), режиссер Дэвид Слэйд.
10)Кровавая Мэлори (Bloody Malory, 2002), режиссер Жюльен Манья


Наталка написал(а):

Топ-10: лучшие вампирские фильмы

Как это приятно! пусть этот топ и не составлен  именитыми критиками,но значит фильм  многим нравится


Наталка написал(а):

Топ-10: лучшие вампирские фильмы
1) Интервью с вампиром (Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, 1994)

С первым местом не могу не согласиться!!! Просто классика жанра. Но почему они тут не поставили такие прекрасные фильмы, как "От заката до рассвета"-1,2,3?


Miaow написал(а):

С первым местом не могу не согласиться!!! Просто классика жанра. Но почему они тут не поставили такие прекрасные фильмы, как "От заката до рассвета"-1,2,3?

кстати, да.... "От заката до рассвета" больше заслужили место в этом топе, чем "30 дней ночи" и "Ван Хельсинг".

в рейтинге IMDb на ключевое слово "вампиры", "30 дней ночи" занимает 169 место.... ЗДЕСЬ


Ещё одно интервью с  Джошем про фильм "30 дней ночи", кажется такого не было :)
Josh Hartnett: Night fever
A stylish adaptation of the cult comic book, 30 Days of Night sees Hollywood heart-throb Josh Hartnett play a sheriff attempting to defend a small Alaskan town against a vampire attack. “I think fans will be happy,” he tells David Grove.

What attracted you to this project?
I hadn’t read the graphic novel before I was sent the script, so I read both at the same time. I’ve always been a big fan of vampire films, but the real reason I was drawn to the project was because of the people who were involved as I’ve never been a big comic book fan.

I saw Hard Candy, David Slade’s last film, and I was blown away by how good it is and what a good job David did with the characters. Then I flipped through the comic books and I was amazed by the visuals in the books. I thought that the combination of the exciting source material and David’s vision would make for a great film.
What did you like about your character, Eben Oleson?
What I liked about the comic books was that there was room for a lot of interesting characters - both the human characters and the vampire characters.

Eben’s a small town guy who lives in Barrow, Alaska, in the middle of nowhere, and he’s the sheriff, the authority figure, along with his wife. They represent the law in this barren place, the only sign of authority because there’s nothing else around.

If you’ve ever been to Alaska, there’s a lot of reasons why people would want to live in such an isolated and bleak setting. It’s an amazing, haunting location to set a film in, and a great location for a horror film. I thought the film had a great premise in that you have these characters who are stuck in this situation where there’s no way out, literally. You’re being hunted by these vampires, and there’s really nowhere to run.
What was it like working with David Slade on his first big studio film?
David’s a great director. We actually met for the first time when he came to Minnesota, my hometown, and met me in a bar to talk about doing the film. He had a digital camera and he took pictures of the place and of me and then sent the pictures back to me, which he’d edited and added stuff to. The pictures were very dark in terms of the surroundings and that was David’s way of showing me what his approach was going to be for this project. I could tell he had the right vision for the film.

David’s a great director to work with because he doesn’t let the special effects or the violence ever overwhelm the characters. He understands that you have to care about the characters before you care about what happens to them, like if they’re about to be eaten. He’s also been extremely faithful to the comic books in terms of the vampires, the look of Barrow and the characters.
How do the vampires in 30 Days of Night differ from other movie bloodsuckers?
That’s what I loved about the comic books. I loved the fact that the vampires looked different and acted in such an unconventional way. The teeth are jagged, their faces are ripped to pieces and they’re just killing machines.

What’s unique about this story is that it plays on the idea that vampires have become these mythological beasts. They’re not taken seriously because people either don’t believe in vampires or they’re not scared of them anymore because vampires have been treated in such a silly way in recent years.

In the film, the vampires have a real sense of mystery in terms of where they came from and who they are. They maintain their mystery by making things look different than they are - they kill somebody and make it look like it was an accident so they don’t draw attention to themselves. By the time the killing becomes an epidemic, everyone’s dead and they leave town. They look for a town, like a Barrow, that’s isolated, that’s cut off, and they kill everyone they can find and they kill any witnesses…It’s definitely a new take on vampires.
What was it like working with Danny Huston, who plays the chief vampire Marlow?
Danny’s a great actor, and his performance in the film is amazing. He’s terrifying! As soon as he appears you can tell he’s the leader of the pack because of the great authority he has in terms of his physical presence, his eyes, the way he’s dressed.

Danny had a tough job because he had to wear contact lenses along with teeth and nails. He would actually wear that stuff when he went back to the hotel so he could stay in character. His character speaks in a different language that sounds really creepy. Danny’s a really nice guy himself, but when he walked around in costume he scared people!
What was the biggest challenge in making the movie?
We filmed in Auckland, in the snow, and we filmed at night for weeks. It was a very long shoot, one of the longest I’ve been involved with, about 50 days. We filmed in this town in New Zealand where the locals basically let us take over the town completely.

I think the biggest challenge was just trying to bring the essence of the comic book to the screen, and I think David’s done a great job. The drawings in the comic by Ben Templesmith are so shocking and grotesque that it’s almost impossible to duplicate them exactly on-screen - but I think we’ve gotten as close as possible. I know that Ben and Steve Niles are very happy with what they’ve seen. If they’re happy, I think fans will be happy as well.
]Are you a fan of horror movies?[
Yes, I’m a fan of the horror genre, of any genre as long as it’s good. I’ve always been a fan of vampire films. I haven’t done a horror film since I did The Faculty with Robert Rodriguez, and before that I did Halloween H20. The reason is I never found the right combination of good material and good people that I wanted to work with, until I talked to David and Sam Raimi about doing this. I thought it would make for an interesting film, and I would also be able to say that I starred in a vampire film, which has always been a dream of mine.

Ссылка : … ight-fever


Аукцион продолжается!!! :D  новый лот- куртка , изношенная Джошем на съемках фильма "30 дней ночи"
This is the actual Jacket worn by Josh Harnett in '30 Days of Night' filmed in New Zealand.

This Jacket is authentic, as I won the jacket in a competition as you can see in the attached photos.

The company Canada Goose make this jacket and purchased directly from them it retails at $500+ Australian.

Great pickup for Josh Harnett of Vampire fans. Will also keep you warm as a bug in a rug.

Happy to answer any questions. Good luck.
Ссылка : … amp;ih=004


Факир был пьян и фокус не удался :D Так и  аукцион :D  Ссылку отправить не получается , поэтому, если интересно, можно посмотреть источник на Фанхосте : … post981268


Даже не знаю  :confused: Прямо его куртка, и всего за 500 долл?? Хотя куда её потом девать? Она ж мужская...  :D


куртка кстати оч ничошная)))) только сомневаюсь я что за 500$ .... это ж аукцион... а куда эти деньги потом пойдут? джошу? или на благотворительность?


TOK написал(а):

а куда эти деньги потом пойдут? джошу? или на благотворительность?

Вряд ли Джошу))))Какой то парень этот аукцион устроил, он куртку эту выиграл)))  решил ещё подзаработать :huh:


Будет ли сиквел 30 дней ночи ?
Это значит, что должно быть продолжение комиксов  С. Найлза.
Будет ли Джош принимать в этом участие? очень проблематично...учитывая развитие сюжета)))

30 Days Of Night Sequel May Go Straight To DVD

Ever since 30 Days of Night surprised some by being #1 at the box office when it opened last October, there have been rumblings about a potential sequel. After all, the movie was based on a series of graphic novels by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, so the content is there as long as someone is willing to do something with it.

And if you believe Bloody Disgusting, the plan for Ghost House Pictures is to turn the next installment of the novels into a straight-to-DVD feature. But according to ShockTilYouDrop, Niles himself has said that “There's not one bit of truth to that.” Niles has reportedly always supported a sequel, so presumably what he means here is that, if there is a sequel, it will be released in theatres.

Now it's possible that both sites are right, and Ghost House Pictures has a plan that Niles doesn't know about. And as the author of the series, you can see why he wouldn't want to see his book turned into a direct-to-DVD release. What's interesting about 30 Days of Night is that, even though it was a #1 hit for a weekend, it only grossed $39 million domestically, well below box office receipts for horror movies like The Grudge that kicked off legitimate franchises. While there may be plenty of fans of the graphic novel who would flock to theatres to see a sequel, the producers may very well not believe it's worth the investment for a second one. Plus, bringing back actors like Ben Foster and Josh Hartnett would be fairly expensive, and in the world of direct-to-DVD, anything goes when it comes to casting.

We'll only know in the coming weeks whether Bloody Disgusting or Shock Til You Drop—or both!-- have it right, but at the moment I'm leaning toward the direct-to-DVD option. Even in the limited realm of vampire movies, when you don't have guaranteed box office, you don't have a guaranteed theatrical release.

Ссылка : … -9098.html


Людмила написал(а):

Будет ли сиквел 30 дней ночи ?
Это значит, что должно быть продолжение комиксов  С. Найлза.

ОМГ, неужели им было мало?)))))

Людмила написал(а):

Будет ли Джош принимать в этом участие? очень проблематично...учитывая развитие сюжета)))

мда... Джоша там уж точно можно не ожидать :(


Everydika написал(а):

Джоша там уж точно можно не ожидать

А кто их знает? Реанимируют... "Хищник" вон сколько сиквелов наделали, казалось бы: ОТКУДА???  :tired:


Miaow написал(а):

А кто их знает? Реанимируют...

Вот только надо ли Джошу это??? Представьте,если Джош не принимает в этом участие,а за  за сиквел берется крутой режиссер, снимает конфетку, и фсё...30 дней ночи и так особо не порадовал...ещё и начнут склонять   пусть уж лучше остается так как есть....

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